Monday, April 30, 2018

Taking Stock

Brainstorming: I feel like I haven't been brainstorming anything lately... My days are so similar. I work a little bit in the morning and afternoons, and of course, I hang out with my kids. We play outside, read books and watch a cartoon in the morning. :) :)

Decorating: We've been decorating our room. It is pretty much done. I love the shelf we have in there an the closet is also my favorite. I've been considering finding something to hang up above the mirror. Also, we've been wanting to get a bakers rack for the longest time for our kitchen. I need to just pick one out.

Discovering: I've been reading the Harry Potter series, and I have a confession... I LOVE it. It's not much of a confession considering how many people love this series.

Drinking: LaCroix, coffee, water and tea. LaCroix is still my favorite since my last Taking Stock post.

Enjoying: We're enjoying the warm weather! We're finally getting spring weather. We love being outside for most of the day.

Feeling: Happy... Warm weather will do that!

Listening: Harry Potter

Planning: I'm trying to plan out my week. I like sitting down with my calendar and writing down everything that will happen for the week. It's nice having a list of what I need to do.

Playing: We've been playing outside every chance we get! We filled up the kiddie pool for the ducks today.

Procrastinating: I've been procrastinating writing a blog post. I get caught up with the writing I do for the paper, but I'm trying to make more of an effort with the blog. I love this blog of mine. :)

Shopping: Does grocery shopping count? I haven't had any exciting purchases lately. Hahah

Thinking: I'm thinking about what I need to do this week. I'm wanting to have a productive week.

Wishing: Not really wishing anything lately...

Waiting: I'm waiting for the warm weather to stick around for good! We're so close. It's in the 70's this week, and right now, it's 77 degrees! How is that possible?!

Celebrating: We're celebrating Roland walking! He started really walking on Sunday in front of a big group of people for our niece's first communion. He was so happy with himself and was walking at home too. 

Little Pink Book

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