Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday Favorites - Family Trip

I can't believe it will be October 1 on Sunday! Why is time going so fast? I have a feeling Christmas will be here before we know it. Haha

My favorites from this week are all about our family trip we took last week. I'm still reminiscing. :)

We stayed at an Airbnb in Wisconsin. This house was perfect for everyone. There were a bunch of toys in the basement that he loved playing with. We had a huge backyard we took advantage of. There was a fire pit and a stream too.

We went to Cave of the Mounds. We had searched for things to do close to our Airbnb, and the Cave never came up... I was shocked to see it so close to our place. This is a picture of Polly in the Cave of the Mounds. :)

Bill and Liam sifted through some sand to find fossils. Liam absolutely loved it!

We had a picnic afterwards. Katie and Phil made lunch for everyone. So nice!

Bill getting the fire pit ready for the night. We ate at the Grumpy Troll in Mt. Horeb on Saturday night. The pizza was great.

We stayed in Madison on Sunday night, and on Monday morning, we went to the Capital. We caught the tail end of a tour and saw the assembly room. Bill has seen it a couple of times, but this was my first time. We both loved walking around and looking at everything.

We stopped at The New Glarus Brewing Company. Bill picked this place. It was amazing. I've never seen such a big brewing company. We had fun on our self guided tour.

Our last stop on Monday was a quick trip to the Decatur Dairy. The sandwiches were good. Bill's parents always bring home cheese from there.

We came home and had dinner with family... I don't think we could have possibly fit one more thing into our Monday. haha We definitely made the most of the last day of our trip. Now that we're home, I'm wishing I had another small trip to look forward to soon. ;)

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