Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Taking Stock

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Brainstorming - I've been brainstorming ways to decorate for fall... I feel bad saying I've already been thinking about fall, because I know I'm going to miss summer. I'm conflicted. I want to go swimming this weekend and go to the orchard. Haha

Decorating - I haven't been decorating lately. I'm waiting till September to switch out my summer decorations for fall decor.

Discovering - Lately, I've been loving reading on my iPad. It's so convenient. I'm planning on writing about this later.

Drinking - Bill and I are both obsessed with LaCroix. Liam will drink it too. Peach Pear is are favorite!

Enjoying - We've been enjoying the last days of summer. With school starting for everyone, I'm feeling the need to savor every last bit of summer. We went to the pool twice this past weekend to swim during their twilight hours, and we're headed there again this weekend. Now, I just need to remember to take pictures while I'm there!

Feeling - I'm feeling excited... We have some fun things planned.

Listening - I haven't been listening to anything lately.

Lusting - Oh gosh... I've been lusting over some LuLaRoe lately. I had a party this past weekend and got a Joy, a Perfect and some leggings. I'm in love with my clothes from LuLaRoe.

Planning -  I've been planning my outfit for a wedding we have coming up in October, and I'm shocked I already know what I'm wearing. Usually, it takes me forever to decide, and I'm never satisfied with what I wear. This time, I'll wear a Carly with a Joy over it, cute boots and possibly black leggings if it's cold.

Playing - We've been playing outside as much as possible. We can't let summer slip by without being outside.

Procrastinating - Nothing recently! I've been keeping up with work, and it feels amazing! Liam is looking through Dinosaur books right now while type this post, and after this, I'm finishing up some work for the day. I try to finish at noon each day so I'm giving him the attention he deserves. Roland is sleeping next to me.

Shopping - I bought some LuLaRoe recently... I'm obsessed like a lot of people. How about you? Have you bought any LuLaRoe?

Thinking - This weekend, I had been racking my brain to figure out what book I wanted to read next... I picked "The Glass Castle." I came across this book club where they are going to read "A Stranger in the House." I'm still debating if I am brave enough to read it?? Are you able to read scary books? How do you separate a scary book from real life? I'm afraid I would be scared at night, but the title has my curiosity up. LOL 

Wishing - I'm wishing we had one more month of summer. Although, September usually always feels like summer.

Watching - I'm wanting to watch "Big Little Lies" and "Veep." Have you watched either of them? I read "Big Little Lies" and LOVED it. I'm assuming I'll love the show.

Waiting - I'm waiting for the weekend to get here. I can't wait for more time in the pool and a visit to the orchard. 

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