Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Favorites

It's FRIDAY!! I'm celebrating the work week being over by reading a book later today. Also, I can't help but mention how sweet the boys are interacting today. Roland just sneezed, and Liam said, "Bless you, Rollee." Oh eem gee. They make my heart melt.

The weather has shifted, and it truly feels like fall. Last night, the temperature got down to 49 degrees! How can that be??

Which brings me to my next favorite... My new Randy. I can't wait to pair this Randy with a black maxi skirt or my favorite pair of jeans.

I had a LuLaRoe party on Sunday where I got this Randy. I love the Irma's, the Perfect's and now the Randy's. I would say Bill's favorite is the Randy. Ha

Liam loves his pet cats... He always tries to bring Kitler (Kit) inside. She's the friendliest one. Ginovi isn't as tame.

Okay, I have to mention my Chatbooks. I've been noticing my Chatbooks every time I walk past the nook to my computer. I'm happy I have memories collected in these books.

I upload my photos to Instagram, and every time, I add 60 photos to Instagram, Chatbooks mails me another book. They don't charge me anything unless I upload enough pictures to get another book. I love this subscription!

Oh, my goodness, Liam had fun with his cousins the other day! They came over to play Minecraft and Liam helped them feel at "home" with all his stuffed animals and blankets. Hahah

This cooler weather we are experiencing isn't typical. I feel like it's late September. Anyways, it is putting me in a mood for fall.

I can't wait to wear warmer clothes and carve pumpkins. 😍😍😍

Little Pink Book

3 Sweet Notes:

Lauren said...

I just finished The Husband's Secret and really like it! It kept me interested and posed some interesting questions. Happy Friday!

NKriste said...

Hi Lauren! That is awesome to hear! I can't wait to know what it's all about. :) Hope you're having a good Friday!

Kasey Holloway said...

The Husband's Secret is a great book! Enjoy your weekend, hope you get plenty of time to read!