Monday, July 24, 2017

Taking Stock

Brainstorming -  I've been brainstorming ideas for Bill's birthday, and I've come up with the perfect idea for a present... Bill is the least material person I know. I usually end up buying him what amounts to a lot of "stuff." This time, I'm going for something more meaningful.

Decorating -  I believe I finished decorating my desk area. The other week I bought a chalkboard and a mermaid decoration from Hobby Lobby. I'm honestly in love with how it looks. I feel like I love walking over to my desk and looking at it when I sit down. Plus, it reminds me of every article I'm currently working on at the moment and what posts I'm researching and scheduling for social media.

Discovering - The importance of a routine! I've been using my datebook more often, and I have felt a lot more organized! I know what I need to get done. I know what needs to be done at a certain time too. It's great. I've been committed to writing in it daily.

Drinking -LaCroix water all day. Well, I haven't been drinking it all day long but pretty close! I love the peach, coconut, berry and lemon flavor! Also, I think I'm getting obsessed with tea again. I like it in the afternoon after I've had coffee in the morning. Of course, I'm drinking a lot of water too.

Enjoying - I'm taking in every good moment this summer. I love the warm summer months. I also love fall too, but I want to enjoy summer before it's gone. I love the pool, the warm days, the quiet mornings outside on the deck and the walks in the forest preserve. Oh, I can't forget the fun trips to the city we've had as well. They're also the best.

Feeling - I've been motivated to get in a good routine this past weekend after feeling completely overwhelmed. There's nothing like a horribly unorganized day/week that motivates you to get a tight schedule. I'm feeling super prepared even though I've only been following this schedule for a day.

Listening - I've been listening to "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban." The narrator is amazing!

Lusting - Nothing lately...

Planning - We've been planning and organizing the basement. Bill has done an amazing job. I have a cork board I'm decorating. It's been so much fun watching it all come together.

Playing - Liam is currently playing with his dinosaurs. His dinosaurs, Bill's toys from childhood, are his favorites.

Procrastinating -  I'm not procrastinating anything today. I feel like the more I put something off the more overwhelmed I get.

Shopping - My mom went shopping for me yesterday. She picked up some decorations that Bill requested for his birthday. I'm excited to have him open them tomorrow.

Thinking -  Thinking about how to decorate the basement. Ha I can't wait to post pictures of everything.

Wishing - I'm wishing there were more weeks in summer to enjoy all the good things we love.

Waiting - I'm waiting for tomorrow to make Bill's birthday the best one yet. I'm making cinnamon rolls tomorrow for him. I still haven't heard exactly what he wants to do tomorrow. Ha He likes telling me everything he wants at the last minute.

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