Friday, June 30, 2017

Taking Stock

Brainstorming - I've been thinking about how to organize all of my work related papers. Also, I'm brainstorming ideas about collecting my articles I've written for the paper and putting them in a binder. I want to have my favorites in one place.

Decorating - This past month, we worked on decorating and furnishing the living room. Bill picked up another end table and a coffee table. I bought a bar cart from Target that goes along with our mid-century modern theme. At least that's what our family has said! Ha

Discovering - I've been discovering new books I want to read. "Crazy Rich Asians" and "What Remains" are on my list.

Drinking - Coffee in the morning and a lot of water throughout the day.

Enjoying -We have had short break from the typical hot weather, and I've been loving the cooler nights.

Feeling - I'm excited for the weekend! We have a lot of things planned. We're celebrating birthdays on Bill's side and my brother's birthday too. Plus, it's the fourth of July, and we have a few parties too. We'll see how it all turns out.

Listening -I haven't listened to that much lately after finishing "Big Little Lies." I'm going to start "Anna Karenina" on Audible.

Lusting - Nothing in particular! Okay, I take that back. I'm lusting/craving cherry crisp. We picked cherries from the tree in our backyard last night, and I'm baking it this afternoon!

Planning - I've been writing several to-do lists, planning out birthday presents for different family members and planning on carving out some time to write in Liam and Roland's baby books.

Playing - We've been playing with a lot of dinosaurs lately. Liam loves playing with Bill's collection he had growing up. Plus, he has a plethora of little dinosaurs from Easter.

Procrastinating - I've been putting off laundry, but yesterday and the day before, I tried to tackle everything in the basement. I washed our sheets too. Oh, I've been meaning to finish crocheting a blanket, and I'm going to try and finish it tonight.

Thinking - I started reading "What Remains" by Carole Radziwill, and I can't stop thinking about the stories she writes about in her book. It's fascinating.

Shopping - I shopped for 12 month clothing for Roland this morning. We went to Kohl's for clothes. Each time I go, I'm reminded of when my mom would shop for us at Kohl's when were younger. She would pick up pretty much everything from there that we needed aside from groceries of course.

Wishing - I've been dying to go to Wisconsin for a little weekend getaway. I don't think it will happen this summer, but if not, I'm wanting to plan something for the fall/winter time. We'll see...

Waiting - Waiting for the weekend to start... I can't wait for everything we have planned. I have a feeling I'll be ready for the week after this. I'm not used to having something scheduled for each day.

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