Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Roland - 4 Months

{Milestones} I can't believe Roland is 4 months already! I feel like you're moving past the newborn phase this month. You are becoming more vocal. You like talking, cooing, laughing a little and smiling all the time. I love how you love looking at people's faces. You are incredibly social.

You started liking tummy time 50 percent of the time! Ha You're doing a lot better with it, and when we lay you on the ground, you will lift your legs and do some crunches.

{Temperament} You are still pretty chill. You love watching your brother. You smile at him all the time. You seem to like everyone.

{Eating & Sleeping} You are eating every 2 to 2.5 hours during the day. In the evening, you cluster feed from 6 to 10. You are typically sleeping 7 to 7.5 hours at night and waking up at 5:30 or 6 a.m. to eat a little. You go back to bed for 2 to 3 hours. You're a good sleeper!

I would say you are pretty quiet at night. Sometimes, you will wake up in the morning in such a good mood. You won't cry. You'll just smile at me and look around.

{Weight} 18 pounds 9 ounces

{Height} 25 inches

{Clothes} You are in 9 month and 12 month clothes. I love having you in the baby rompers for the summer. They're so easy. They also help you stay cool.

{Hair} You haven't lost any hair! Your hair looks light brown/blonde. I can tell it's definitely getting longer! I wonder if we'll have to give you your first haircut before a year...

{Likes} You love when people talk to you. You also LOVE when people smile at you. You're still cuddly at night. You like looking around and finding out what your brother is up to at any given moment. You like having your hair washed.

Oh, there was a big change this month! You started liking stuffed animals! You like them more than a nook. You are starting to have less interest in the nook and more interest in stuffed animals. I like finding stuffed animals around the house that have different textures. There is a dragon of Liam's that you love because of the wings. They are a different material, and they make a crunching noise when you touch them. I still carry a nook around just in case I'm desperate for it! You like playing with a blanket too.

{Dislikes} You are starting to hate when you have to have your outfit changed. Other than that, you don't have too many dislikes!

{Outings} We went to Uncle Phil's and Katie's house over the weekend. You slept and ate the entire time and woke up in the evening. You can sleep anywhere. You did perfect on your first day trip. Ha We've been swimming over at the farm, and you'll sit in your chair on the pool deck. You do pretty good hanging out while we swim. We try to avoid you feeling any splashes. It can be hard sometimes! We also went to the zoo for Mother's Day. I still need to upload the pictures to the blog! You were really good for that trip too. You slept most of the day at the zoo.

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