Friday, June 2, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend 2017

We had an awesome Memorial Day Weekend! On Tuesday, I was lacking ambition to do much of anything I didn't have to do for the day... Longer weekends always make the work week a little bit harder! Anyways, we started out the weekend by giving Liam a pet. Well, let me rephrase that. He now has two kittens in the basement.

We're trying to tame them so we can have them as outdoor cats. I was shocked when Bill said he wanted to have cats in the basement! I wasn't sure about it. I love all animals, but I definitely love dogs more than cats. It's going well. The kitty in the picture above warmed up to us after a day.

They quickly realize we are OK when we give them food a couple times a day.

Hanging out with Auntie T!

On Sunday, we visited my Grandpa's grave, and they had a 21-gun silhouette. We were worried we had the wrong day when we showed up to the cemetery. No one was there until the very last minute before the silhouette.

On Sunday night, I headed over to my mom's house to visit her animals since she was away on vacation. They were desperate for some extra attention.

Liam loves walking Kit. He held her leash while in the stroller and followed her around the park. He just loves her!

Later that night, I walked out to my car to grab something and my mom's cat followed after me. She wants to be outside way too much. I started searching for her. Liam ran out with the dog and was "helping" too. Ha I had Roland crying so I picked him up and walked around the house with him. I think it took thirty minutes for her to come up to the porch. I almost snatched her up, but I wasn't quick enough. I finally grabbed her from one of the trees next to the porch. Whew!

We had lunch at the farm the next day. Usually I'm taking pictures all the time. I only had two pictures from the day. Ha Roland was content to sleep the day away even though it was extremely windy on Memorial Day. I was glad they had the couch out on the porch. It was the only thing blocking the wind!

Little Pink Book

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