Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Hello 30

Roland borrowing his twin cousin's blanket. ;)

Well, I turned 30 yesterday and the world didn't end... LOL Thirty is such an ominous number. Really entering any new decade is pretty scary. I don't entirely know why. I told Bill 30 didn't seem to odd. It seems right, but somehow, I think I'm going to miss my 20's. A lot of good things happened in my 20's.

I went to college and graduated. I met Bill, married him and had our two boys. We had countless family visits with both sides where we enjoyed hanging out together. We started Maintenance Monday where we get together for dinner each Monday. We get along most of the time. Only one argument ended in a taco being thrown. Just one taco incident! I would say that's a good record.

I also started this blog in my 20's! I know of a few bloggers who have stopped blogging recently. I always get a little sad when I read a post dedicated to quitting a blog. I don't think I will stop blogging... I love looking back at older posts and remembering what my life was like during that time. If I decide I want to post less there will just be longer times in between my posts, but I'm hoping to post more than I have in recent months. What else...

During my last year in my 20's, I've become obsessed with figuring out our house plans to expand our living space, reading books on audible, finding ways to organize our house better and finding the perfect shade of lipsense. Haha I'm just joking about the last one. Although, I love lipsense, I'm not obsessed with it. I just love makeup in general. I'm currently not buying anymore lipsense. I have my favorites. Ha

A lot of great things happened in my 20's, and I THINK I'm ready to see what happens in my 30's. After all, it can't be that scary!

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