Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Family Day

I had the hardest time getting out the door on Sunday to leave for Phil and Katie's. I'm not sure why. I should have packed a little the night before, but my evenings are a little intense with all the baby feeding. I'm not complaining though. I love the baby snuggles. Anyways, we got out the door at noon and enjoyed most of the day at the park.

It was a super hot day but we all stayed cool in the shade. Liam ran through their fountain they had at the park. He was so cute! He kept yelling, "I got it!" when he got drenched by the water. I accidentally got wet by walking to close to the fountain.

The wind kept blowing the water in different directions. It wasn't too bad though. It was super refreshing, and since it was 90 degrees, I dried off quickly. Ha

I had to get a picture of with Meg... She's going to be gone for the summer at her new internship. I'm so excited to hear all about it.
  I'm sad we won't see her as much as we usually do!

We made sure to stay hydrated! ;)

Mom and Meg!

Awesome picture of Phil and Katie. Gosh, I want a picture like this one! ;)

Roland ate and slept the entire time. He was the perfect baby for us. I was glad we kept him cool in the shade! I was a little worried before we left.

There was an area in the park that looked like it was for dodge ball.
Liam looks so much older than last year, but he's still tiny.

I wish he had one of these at our house. It seriously provides hours of entertainment... I would even use it too!

Liam had so much fun with MEG!

Liam had a blast yelling back and forth with Phil... He kept listing off everyone's name, "Phil, Mimi, Meg!" I love how he knows everyone's name now.

Phil talking to Liam.

We went out to eat and had pizza and salad outside.

I love how we can always find someplace fun to eat. I wouldn't mind living in the city.

Roland finally woke up for dinner! Haha He is usually pretty sleepy during the day and his awake time is in the evening.

After dinner the kids were pretty tired. I fed Roland and we headed home. We always enjoy spending the day with Phil and Katie.

I can't wait to go back!

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