Monday, May 29, 2017

Taking Stock

Brainstorming - Things to do this summer! I want a long list of activities to pull from throughout the summer months. I'm hoping we can take a small road trip together. 

Decorating - The reading nook... I have been rearranging and picking out beach themed decorations for the reading nook. It is truly becoming my favorite part of the house. I love how it is the first thing I notice when I walk into my house. I'm planning on posting pictures soon.

Discovering - Last night, I discovered the show "Haters Back Off." It's weird, quirky and amazing. I follow Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin on The Office) on Instagram. She has a huge presence on there and is always posting about her work on "Haters Back Off." I just lover her posts about family and work so I decided to give it a try. I think I'm hooked. ;)

Drinking - Copious amounts of water!

Enjoying - The warm weather. After the winter, I can't get enough of the warm weather that comes afterwards. I went for a walk with Liam, Roland and Kittle last night. They loved being outside. This morning, I went for a run! I'm taking full advantage of the good days.

Feeling - I'm excited for summer. It's almost June!

Listening - "Big Little Lies" on Audible! I think this book is going to be one of my favorites I've listened to so far. I love the different characters.

Lusting - Nothing right now... Although, I went to Michael's this week, and I found the perfect decorations for the reading nook. I love the tiny treasures beach theme collection from Michael's.

Planning - I'm planning out my summer and a few fun things this week.

Playing - We've been playing outside mostly. I think we have a lot of walks/runs in our future. Liam insisted on holding Kittle's leash last night. 

Procrastinating - I procrastinated this post! haha I always enjoy looking back at them though.

Shopping - The latest shopping I did was for the reading nook. I can't wait to post some pictures.

Wishing - I'm wishing bed times weren't so hard! Ha It's really hard getting Roland to sleep right around bed time. Last night around 10 pm, he was ready for bed. He had a bath and was fed and fed some more. I was so exhausted. I put him in his rock and play and laid down on my bed. I was almost asleep when he started crying again. It was more of an annoyed cry than anything else. He cried a little bit more and we both fell fast asleep until 6 a.m.! What the what?! I can't believe I didn't feed him for 8 hours!!

Waiting - I'm waiting for Mom and Meg to get home! I miss my best friends... 

Little Pink Book

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