Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Roland - 3 Months

{Milestones} Month 3! How are you already 3 months?! I find it so much fun that you're getting older. You are smiling more and more. I've been doing tummy time twice a day most days, and I can tell your neck is getting stronger. You like moving your arms and legs all the time. Mimi says you are working out when you do that. :)

{Temperament} You are pretty chill. You love when people talk to you. You smile so much and pay attention to every word when we have your attention. I love how happy and easy going you are.

{Eating & Sleeping} You are eating more during the day and way less at night! Yay! For the past two nights, you slept 5 to 6 hours and woke up to eat just a little bit. Then you go back to sleep for another 4 hours. I'm so excited you are sleeping through the night. Five to six hours is sleeping through the night for a baby. :) It's funny how things change so quickly. Of course, there are some nights the longest stretch is four hours, but I think we're headed in the right direction.

Your dad still says you snore a little bit... I think he needs more foam earplugs. ;)

{Weight} You weighed 16 pounds and 9 ounces on your 3 month birthday. You caught up to exactly where your older brother was when he was three months. I was a little shocked to say the least!

{Height} You were last measured at 2 months. You were 22.7 inches then.

{Clothes} You are mostly in 9 month clothes, but 6 to 9 month onesies still fit. I have a lot of Liam's 12 to 24 month clothes located so you'll have the most of those sizes when that time comes.

{Hair} Your hair is getting thicker and longer. You have a lot of hair compared to Liam at this age. Sometimes, your hair has a strawberry blonde look to it, and other times, it looks brown with blonde highlights.

{Likes} You LOVE when people talk to you. You love your brother. He can always make you happy. When you're crying, I tell Liam to talk to you, and he starts telling you a story. He'll go over to you and say, "Hippo, darn darn." Darn darns are dinosaurs. Ha

You love being held, but you also love your swing and rock and play.

{Dislikes} You honestly don't have many dislikes.

{Outings} We had you dedicated on Mother's Day with both of our families there. After church, we went to the zoo with Mimi, Nana and Papa, and your cousins. You slept the whole time. We also went to the driving range, and you were up the entire time. Mimi held you and talked to you.

We're starting to see your personality come out more each day. I'm having so much fun watching you grow and develop your relationship with your brother. You guys are incredibly cute together.

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