Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Taking Stock

Brainstorming - Different ways to set up our house! Now that our addition is complete, I'm looking forward to filling it with furniture and other things I had no room for in the past. We have furniture coming this week, and I'm thinking about how we should arrange it. It's fun to think about what would look best.

Decorating - I've been decorating our reading nook and thinking of what I would like to have in there besides books! I have always wanted a reading nook/little library. It's been fun finding my books I packed away and placing them on the shelves.

Drinking - Lots of water, some lemonade and tea! I can't get enough of my favorite spice tea. I don't usually drink lemonade, but when it turns warm out, I crave it. I view it as a summer drink.

Enjoying - We've been enjoying how much space we have now in our home. The addition completely changed our living space for the better. I think my favorite part is having room for a large dining room table and having the ability to have people over when we want. The deck is perfect for Liam to play on and enjoy being outside. We ate lunch outside on the deck for the first time today.

Feeling - I'm excited for Easter this weekend. I can't wait to hide eggs throughout the yard for Liam to find on Easter morning. I have jelly beans and little dinosaurs I plan on putting in the eggs. This means, we are really going to need to clean our yard. We have a big pile of wood scraps we are going to pick up tonight.

Listening - I've been listening to Alec Baldwin's new book "Nevertheless" on Audible. Alec Baldwin is one of my favorite actors aside from Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton and Steve Carrel. Plus, I love memoirs.

Lusting - Lately, I've been loving the Lipsense shades I have. I love Berry, Bella, Praline Rose, Purple Reign, etc. Basically, I love the berry, purple and brown/neutral colors.

Planning - Work posts and blog posts. I have my planner and sticky notes on my desk so I can write things down whenever an idea comes to mind. I love this method of planning the most.

Playing - I have laminated teaching tools from Bill's sister I've been using to teach Liam new words. He loves them, and I feel good about finding fun ways to teach him things. Thanks Tracie!

Procrastinating - Nothing lately... I haven't read my devotional as much as I want to this week. I need to make time in the morning or during nap time.

Shopping - I bought Liam several pairs of shorts and two new pairs of shoes. We're getting ready for summer. My mom also bought both boys swim suits and some new clothes this weekend. I'm planning on sharing them in my Friday Favorites post. They're adorable!

Wishing - I can't wait for the weekend. I wish it was just a few more days longer. We have fun things planned.

Waiting - Waiting for our furniture to get here tomorrow morning. I think our living room will look more complete and put together with the new couches and chair.

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