Monday, April 10, 2017

Roland - Two Months

Yesterday was your 2 month birthday! Time is flying! We just went to your TWO MONTH well child check up, and I envisioned the year going by. Your next visit isn't until 4 months, then 6 months, 9 months and 12 months. I know you're only 2 months now, but I have a feeling this year is going to pass quickly.

One of my favorite pictures from your newborn shoot. You're sleeping on the blanket I made you. :)

{Milestones} We had your newborn pictures taken over a week ago now. You did great. I had you and Liam dressed up in the same outfit. I can't wait to dress you two up more often. I finished your crochet blanket in time for your pictures. Yay! You were sleeping for all of the pictures except for a couple of them. You have bright blue eyes that we captured in the pictures. :) I love how you follow our voices and will look at us when we talk. You're smiling more often too.

You're lifting up your head more. When I hold you against my shoulder, you will lift  your chest up and your head. I can definitely tell you're stronger. Sometimes, you enjoy tummy time. You'll look around and hang out there for a while.

{Temperament} You are very chill baby. Your content almost all of the time except when your hungry. You like having us near and listening to us talk. You're overall a happy baby.

{Eating & Sleeping} You have been sleeping in two and half to three hour stretches during the day. Yesterday, you were awake for a long stretch during the afternoon and into the evening when you eat more often. You went to bed at 10 pm and slept till 2 and then woke up at 5 am. You are sleeping in three hour stretches and going back to bed right after. There have been two occasions where you slept fours at night. I'm hoping you start sleeping longer stretches more often. I'm ready for more sleep! Your doctor asked me if you could back to bed right afterwards. I told him you did. He said, "That counts!" He's definitely right...

Your dad tells me you make a lot of noise when you're sleeping. I don't hear it, because I fall back to sleep right after feeding you. Hah

{Weight} You weighed 13 pounds and 5 ounces at your 2 month check up! You were born two pounds less than your brother, and now, you weigh exactly one pound less than him at the two month mark. The doctor was impressed with your growth. He came in the room and right away showed me where you were at on the growth chart.

{Height} You are 22.7 inches! You look long to me. :)

{Clothes} You are in 6 month clothing now. Your three month clothing was way too snug.

{Hair} Your hair is growing longer and thicker. You're also becoming more blonde. It's funny how we can already tell you have your own distinguished look. You haven't lost any of your hair yet. You have your own natural highlights.

{Likes} You love being held. You also love stretching out in your chair or your bed after being held. You like a cranial massage when I wash your hair. You adore watching your brother when he talks to you or when he plays with his dinosaurs. I have a feeling you two are going to be good friends.

You will take your nook most of the time. I usually have one on hand too. I have been having you sleep in Halo sleep sacks at night more often since you already broke out of your swaddle! I love sleep sacks. I definitely prefer them over swaddling most of the time. You like stretching out and your sleep sack lets you do just that. Liam loved them too.

{Dislikes} You don't have many dislikes... I would say waiting for food is your only one.

{Outings} We haven't been out that much lately. We're trying to avoid all the colds going around... Although, this weekend we went to the park three different times. You enjoyed being in your stroller. The weather is finally starting to warm up. It was in the 70's on Sunday! I can't wait for the warm weather to continue so we can do more summery things like visiting splash pads, having picnics at the park and swimming! We already have two swimsuits for you thanks to Mimi.

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