Friday, April 7, 2017

Life Lately

Here's a bit of life lately for you...

We've been taking a few pictures of our twin cousins, Roland and Nellie. Aren't they cute in their pink and blue outfits? Papa loves holding them!

Roland right before we had his newborn photo shoot. He did amazing for most of it, and you can't tell which pictures he was crying in because his face was towards us. ;)

Just a sneak peak of our house. We're putting together a few pictures from each stage of the construction of the addition that I'll share later. We're so happy to be done!

Liam hanging out with Mimi!

Wearing my baby while working thanks to my good friend, Sarah. This thing is a life saver!

I'm hoping to go on a few walks this weekend. Sunday is supposed to be 75 degrees! I'm so excited to get out and use my new stroller. I need to clean out my car first though. With everything going on, we've made a huge mess in it. Other than that, I'm hoping to crochet a little and catch up on Grace and Frankie, my new favorite TV show. My mom and sister watched it before me and really enjoyed it. What have you been watching lately?

Little Pink Book

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