Wednesday, April 19, 2017

It's Spring Time!

We had one of the best days yesterday! I woke up at 4:30 a.m. and realized Roland had slept 6 consecutive hours! I couldn't stop smiling. Then he slept for another 4 hours. We had an appointment in the morning, and we went to Costco afterwards where we found a rug for our living room. I think it will help us utilize more of the space in our living room. I couldn't pass up the rug. The colors and design were right and since it was from Costco the price was amazing too.

Another amazing thing about yesterday? It was 75 degrees! I'm loving this spring weather! I can't get enough of the warm air. We didn't even have that cold of a winter, but we all are excited for spring and summer. Monday was Easter at the farm. All the kids received new rain boots. They put them on and blew bubbles outside afterwards. It was sweet watching them run around blowing bubbles in their cute boots! They're incredibly lucky to grow up with each other.

I love this action shot of Liam blowing a bubble and watching it flow away!

So.... This happened. I was unloading groceries yesterday and noticed the boys had fell asleep holding hands. Aren't they precious? These two are going to be good friends. I love how their relationship is developing even with how young they are right now.

More signs of spring!

Love the pink blooms!

I really wish these tulips would last longer. It makes me happy when I walk past them.

Little Pink Book

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