Tuesday, April 25, 2017


This Easter was one of my favorites. Liam was old enough to enjoy an Easter egg hunt through the woods. I filled the eggs and Bill placed them throughout the wooded trail and we walked together with my mom and sister. Roland was the happiest little guy in his stroller while we watched Liam pick up eggs filled with dinosaurs (baby darn darns) and jelly beans.

We had several different Easters with our family members and each one was special. My dad came over Saturday morning for dutch babies and held Roland for the first time. Then we had dutch babies again the next day with Bill's parents. I typically don't like pancakes unless their filled with fruit or chocolate chips, but dutch babies have grown on me. They don't remind me of a pancake. I think they are lighter, flakier and buttery. Next time, we really need fried chicken with our dutch babies.
We celebrated on the Monday after Easter with Bill's family. The kids had their Easter Egg Hunt first and then we had dinner. The little kids started the hunt and the older kids followed.
Bill helped Liam collect the eggs, and of course, I was there taking pictures. ;)
How could he be that tall already?!
Roland slept through the egg hunt.
All the grand kids received rain boots for their Easter present. I loved all the different designs! They are from Gymboree.
All the kids blew bubbles in their rain boots, and it was the recipe for the cutest little photo shoot!
I've never had a pair of rain boots, but I would wear them if I could have a pair as cute as the ones Bill's mom picked out. :) Honestly, I would wear anything purple or pink. Ha

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