Tuesday, April 25, 2017


This Easter was one of my favorites. Liam was old enough to enjoy an Easter egg hunt through the woods. I filled the eggs and Bill placed them throughout the wooded trail and we walked together with my mom and sister. Roland was the happiest little guy in his stroller while we watched Liam pick up eggs filled with dinosaurs (baby darn darns) and jelly beans.

We had several different Easters with our family members and each one was special. My dad came over Saturday morning for dutch babies and held Roland for the first time. Then we had dutch babies again the next day with Bill's parents. I typically don't like pancakes unless their filled with fruit or chocolate chips, but dutch babies have grown on me. They don't remind me of a pancake. I think they are lighter, flakier and buttery. Next time, we really need fried chicken with our dutch babies.
We celebrated on the Monday after Easter with Bill's family. The kids had their Easter Egg Hunt first and then we had dinner. The little kids started the hunt and the older kids followed.
Bill helped Liam collect the eggs, and of course, I was there taking pictures. ;)
How could he be that tall already?!
Roland slept through the egg hunt.
All the grand kids received rain boots for their Easter present. I loved all the different designs! They are from Gymboree.
All the kids blew bubbles in their rain boots, and it was the recipe for the cutest little photo shoot!
I've never had a pair of rain boots, but I would wear them if I could have a pair as cute as the ones Bill's mom picked out. :) Honestly, I would wear anything purple or pink. Ha

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

It's Spring Time!

We had one of the best days yesterday! I woke up at 4:30 a.m. and realized Roland had slept 6 consecutive hours! I couldn't stop smiling. Then he slept for another 4 hours. We had an appointment in the morning, and we went to Costco afterwards where we found a rug for our living room. I think it will help us utilize more of the space in our living room. I couldn't pass up the rug. The colors and design were right and since it was from Costco the price was amazing too.

Another amazing thing about yesterday? It was 75 degrees! I'm loving this spring weather! I can't get enough of the warm air. We didn't even have that cold of a winter, but we all are excited for spring and summer. Monday was Easter at the farm. All the kids received new rain boots. They put them on and blew bubbles outside afterwards. It was sweet watching them run around blowing bubbles in their cute boots! They're incredibly lucky to grow up with each other.

I love this action shot of Liam blowing a bubble and watching it flow away!

So.... This happened. I was unloading groceries yesterday and noticed the boys had fell asleep holding hands. Aren't they precious? These two are going to be good friends. I love how their relationship is developing even with how young they are right now.

More signs of spring!

Love the pink blooms!

I really wish these tulips would last longer. It makes me happy when I walk past them.

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! I'm looking forward to celebrating Easter this weekend with family and remembering the amazing blessing of Jesus's sacrifice on the cross for us. This week, my favorites are somewhat centered around the warm weather... The time we spent outdoors last weekend was amazing! I have a new stroller that Liam loves. It's supposed to be warm again this weekend. I can't wait to have an Easter Egg Hunt for Liam!

My mom loves to shop for Liam and Roland. She got the cutest clothes last Saturday. Their swim suits are adorable. I can't wait to go swimming with them. Also, I love anything dinosaur for the boys.

I'm loving the bracelet and watch combo lately. The watch I got from my mom last Christmas and the bracelet is from Francesca's. My sister and I love stopping in Francesca's. Bracelets are my favorite thing to get from their store.

That's all for this week's favorites... I hope you all have an amazing time celebrating this Easter weekend!

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Taking Stock

Brainstorming - Different ways to set up our house! Now that our addition is complete, I'm looking forward to filling it with furniture and other things I had no room for in the past. We have furniture coming this week, and I'm thinking about how we should arrange it. It's fun to think about what would look best.

Decorating - I've been decorating our reading nook and thinking of what I would like to have in there besides books! I have always wanted a reading nook/little library. It's been fun finding my books I packed away and placing them on the shelves.

Drinking - Lots of water, some lemonade and tea! I can't get enough of my favorite spice tea. I don't usually drink lemonade, but when it turns warm out, I crave it. I view it as a summer drink.

Enjoying - We've been enjoying how much space we have now in our home. The addition completely changed our living space for the better. I think my favorite part is having room for a large dining room table and having the ability to have people over when we want. The deck is perfect for Liam to play on and enjoy being outside. We ate lunch outside on the deck for the first time today.

Feeling - I'm excited for Easter this weekend. I can't wait to hide eggs throughout the yard for Liam to find on Easter morning. I have jelly beans and little dinosaurs I plan on putting in the eggs. This means, we are really going to need to clean our yard. We have a big pile of wood scraps we are going to pick up tonight.

Listening - I've been listening to Alec Baldwin's new book "Nevertheless" on Audible. Alec Baldwin is one of my favorite actors aside from Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton and Steve Carrel. Plus, I love memoirs.

Lusting - Lately, I've been loving the Lipsense shades I have. I love Berry, Bella, Praline Rose, Purple Reign, etc. Basically, I love the berry, purple and brown/neutral colors.

Planning - Work posts and blog posts. I have my planner and sticky notes on my desk so I can write things down whenever an idea comes to mind. I love this method of planning the most.

Playing - I have laminated teaching tools from Bill's sister I've been using to teach Liam new words. He loves them, and I feel good about finding fun ways to teach him things. Thanks Tracie!

Procrastinating - Nothing lately... I haven't read my devotional as much as I want to this week. I need to make time in the morning or during nap time.

Shopping - I bought Liam several pairs of shorts and two new pairs of shoes. We're getting ready for summer. My mom also bought both boys swim suits and some new clothes this weekend. I'm planning on sharing them in my Friday Favorites post. They're adorable!

Wishing - I can't wait for the weekend. I wish it was just a few more days longer. We have fun things planned.

Waiting - Waiting for our furniture to get here tomorrow morning. I think our living room will look more complete and put together with the new couches and chair.

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Roland - Two Months

Yesterday was your 2 month birthday! Time is flying! We just went to your TWO MONTH well child check up, and I envisioned the year going by. Your next visit isn't until 4 months, then 6 months, 9 months and 12 months. I know you're only 2 months now, but I have a feeling this year is going to pass quickly.

One of my favorite pictures from your newborn shoot. You're sleeping on the blanket I made you. :)

{Milestones} We had your newborn pictures taken over a week ago now. You did great. I had you and Liam dressed up in the same outfit. I can't wait to dress you two up more often. I finished your crochet blanket in time for your pictures. Yay! You were sleeping for all of the pictures except for a couple of them. You have bright blue eyes that we captured in the pictures. :) I love how you follow our voices and will look at us when we talk. You're smiling more often too.

You're lifting up your head more. When I hold you against my shoulder, you will lift  your chest up and your head. I can definitely tell you're stronger. Sometimes, you enjoy tummy time. You'll look around and hang out there for a while.

{Temperament} You are very chill baby. Your content almost all of the time except when your hungry. You like having us near and listening to us talk. You're overall a happy baby.

{Eating & Sleeping} You have been sleeping in two and half to three hour stretches during the day. Yesterday, you were awake for a long stretch during the afternoon and into the evening when you eat more often. You went to bed at 10 pm and slept till 2 and then woke up at 5 am. You are sleeping in three hour stretches and going back to bed right after. There have been two occasions where you slept fours at night. I'm hoping you start sleeping longer stretches more often. I'm ready for more sleep! Your doctor asked me if you could back to bed right afterwards. I told him you did. He said, "That counts!" He's definitely right...

Your dad tells me you make a lot of noise when you're sleeping. I don't hear it, because I fall back to sleep right after feeding you. Hah

{Weight} You weighed 13 pounds and 5 ounces at your 2 month check up! You were born two pounds less than your brother, and now, you weigh exactly one pound less than him at the two month mark. The doctor was impressed with your growth. He came in the room and right away showed me where you were at on the growth chart.

{Height} You are 22.7 inches! You look long to me. :)

{Clothes} You are in 6 month clothing now. Your three month clothing was way too snug.

{Hair} Your hair is growing longer and thicker. You're also becoming more blonde. It's funny how we can already tell you have your own distinguished look. You haven't lost any of your hair yet. You have your own natural highlights.

{Likes} You love being held. You also love stretching out in your chair or your bed after being held. You like a cranial massage when I wash your hair. You adore watching your brother when he talks to you or when he plays with his dinosaurs. I have a feeling you two are going to be good friends.

You will take your nook most of the time. I usually have one on hand too. I have been having you sleep in Halo sleep sacks at night more often since you already broke out of your swaddle! I love sleep sacks. I definitely prefer them over swaddling most of the time. You like stretching out and your sleep sack lets you do just that. Liam loved them too.

{Dislikes} You don't have many dislikes... I would say waiting for food is your only one.

{Outings} We haven't been out that much lately. We're trying to avoid all the colds going around... Although, this weekend we went to the park three different times. You enjoyed being in your stroller. The weather is finally starting to warm up. It was in the 70's on Sunday! I can't wait for the warm weather to continue so we can do more summery things like visiting splash pads, having picnics at the park and swimming! We already have two swimsuits for you thanks to Mimi.

{Just for fun} Liam's 2 Month Update

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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Weekend, friends! It's finally getting warm again in Illinois. My plans for the weekend are centered around being outside and decorating a little for Easter... Can you believe it's only a week away? This Easter will be Liam's first time waking up to Easter eggs hidden around the house. We're planning on filling them with small dinosaurs along with a few Starburst Jelly beans. This week, I only have a few favorites to share, but they're fun nonetheless.

{Roland's Newborn Pictures} I'm thrilled with the way Roland's newborn pictures turned out! Thanks Kailey! I had Liam and Roland in matching outfits. Both of them did great while we were taking pictures. I have a few of these pictures printed on wood panels from Walgreens. I have them on my desk. I love looking at them.

Love this family picture!

{Alec Baldwin's book} I heard about Alec's book from his wife's instagram account. I've been following Hilaria for a while now, and I love her posts. When I saw her post about his book, I couldn't wait to read it! I love Alec Baldwin. I heard his memoir is pretty honest. I can't wait to find out what people mean by that.

{Take Heart, My Child} My boss gifted me this book after I had Roland. I love the images and the story is wonderful. I could completely relate to this book when it talks about a mother's love for her children. I would say this a must have!

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