Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Life Lately - Newborn Edition

Life Lately has been full of baby cuddles, coloring and figuring out how to entertain a two year old while I feed my newborn. Liam has been really helpful at times and has even grabbed a diaper for me. He'll give Roland a kiss and a hug goodnight. It's the sweetest thing to watch him interact with Roland especially when he tries to calm him down when he cries. I love having two boys who will have each other as best friends in life. 

I took the above picture in February! Liam has enjoyed being outside and playing with the animals and jumping on the trampoline. It's crazy how warm and mild this winter has been. We've had maybe two snows. It's a strange winter. I'm excited for what the spring holds. I'm hoping for many warm days. 

This is the day we took Roland home from the hospital. I love how proud Bill looks in this picture bringing home his second son. The blanket on Roland's seat is a gift from my mom for Valentine's Day. I love how soft it is. Also, how were we wearing t-shirts in February! #winterdidntcomethisyear

The baby cuddles are the best. Roland has been wanting to be held a lot. During the night, I'm pretty tired after holding him. After last night, I'm thinking I'll need to sleep in my chair for an hour or two at night, but I'm hoping it won't be an every night ordeal. 

Bill got his switch, and Liam loves watching him play Zelda. Sometimes, he'll mention how something is scary on the game.

Daddy bonding time with Roland. He just loves when people hold him. 

We went out with my mom and sister to Bill's favorite new bar after furniture shopping the other night. Roland slept the whole time.

Roland's blanket is from Nana, Bill's mom. 

Auntie Meg getting Liam to give baby Roland a kiss. These two are so sweet together. 

This little cutie is a snuggle bug. It's a good thing I got a baby carrier from my friend after Roland was born!

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