Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! It's 75 degrees today which is making this Friday extra special for us. We have a weekend full of unpacking and organizing our house ahead of us. I'm excited we'll have good weather for it! I thought I would post a few of my favorite things/moments from this week for you.

{Baby Cuddles} I love how Roland loves to cuddle. I hold him till he falls asleep at night. Bed time is one of my favorite times. I feed him and cuddle and talk to him until he falls asleep. He sleep for three hours after his feeding at 10 pm or 11 pm. I think it's funny how your perspective changes when you have a baby. I never would have thought three hours was a long time to sleep, but now, I'm so happy when I wake up to feed him in the middle of the night and realize I got three hours of sleep.

{Girls' Night with my family!} Yesterday, we had a girls' night with both sides of our families. I think this was probably the best girls' night we've had. We had such a special time hanging out, eating dinner at a Mexican restaurant and watching Beauty and the Beast! I loved the movie. Emma Watson was amazing as Belle, and I couldn't get over how awesome the scene was where they sing, "Be our guest" to Belle.

{Playing Outside with Liam} I wrote about my first day back to work this week. Well, later that day we also played outside, and I attempted to teach Liam how to ride a scooter. He was very eager to learn! Bill's parents have a bigger scooter that I was on, and when Liam saw me on it, he had to try out the kid scooter. There's something about scooters. I think I like them better than riding a bike.

{New and Old Makeup Favorites} I have been wanting to try Burt's Bees new BB Cream ever since they came out with it. I finally bought it this week, and I love it. It feels light on my skin and still provides a medium amount of coverage. I mostly love that it's 98 percent natural. I've had the Peanut Butter and Jelly Too Faced palette for a while now, but I tried it out for the first time this week. First of all, I love how this palette smells like chocolate. The colors are amazing too. I love the brown earth tones and the purple ones as well. The purple Benefit eyeliner I have pictured has been my favorite eyeliner for around two years. It's a gel eyeliner that goes on dark. I love how it lasts all day.

{Lipsense colors} I haven't blogged about how much I like Lipsense before, but I thought it was finally time. I love this long wearing lip stain. It lasts pretty much the entire day. Bella, Mulled Wine and Napa are my favorite colors. Bella is the color I wear the most. It's more of a darker neutral that goes with everything.

Hope you enjoyed my favorites this Friday!

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