Friday, February 3, 2017

Day at the Zoo with Nana and Papa

We've been trying to figure out a time to go to the zoo that won't work out, and we finally found that day this week. We invited Bill's parents, Papa and Nana, to come along with us, and we had the best time hanging out! I think this was Liam's third time going to the zoo, and it was my first time going with Bill's parents. I'm pretty sure we haven't gone together before this trip. Liam went last February and this last summer in June. Sometimes, I completely prefer the summer months for zoo trips, but it's so nice having the place to yourself. We only saw a handful of people. 

This picture cracks me up. Bill got an email about his new TV shipping and he couldn't contain his excitement. Guys and their TVs. I have to admit, I'm pretty excited too.

I love when these shops are open, and you can get a root beer float or anything you want. 
Papa got Liam several Mold-A-Ramas at the zoo. I believe this one was the lizard, but Liam called it a "darn darn" (dinosaur) in the video below.

I love having these. Ideas to look back on!

Bill showed Liam all of the animals, and I documented everything. lol I feel like there are so many pictures in this post, but there were too many good ones to pass up! 

These green snakes freaked me out. I only saw one of them at first, and when I spotted the second, I had to snap a picture. I don't know how I would react if I saw them on a walk. I would probably lose my mind. I'm not a snake person by any means. Their neon green color doesn't help their creepiness factor. 

Liam loved getting the little Mold-A-Rama animals. I think he screamed when Papa handed him a hippo. Hippos and rhinos are his favorite right now.

What fun round creatures. 

We sure got our work out in at the Zoo. I feel slightly pathetic saying that, but it's true. It's rare for me to walk around for hours outside especially in the winter and especially when I'm pregnant. Haha

The animal statues kept grabbing Liam's attention. It was super sweet watching him look up at them. He's probably wondering if there's any chance they could be real. I love how little he looks here. 💙

I love watching the eagles at the Zoo. They're amazing creatures!

I was so hoping the polar bear would jump in the water, and we could watch him swim around.

Papa opened up Liam's favorite treat snack, goldfish. He was patiently waiting some goldfish. It's hilarious when he is completely captivated by chocolate fish.

Patiently waiting. 

Liam didn't like walking too far away from me or Bill. He also didn't want anyone but me or Bill push his stroller. Liam would look back to find out who was pushing him. If it was Nana or Papa, he would jump out of his seat. He's just a little attached to us. ;)

I thought this picture was pretty.

I would love to have an aquarium at home if it wasn't so much work.

I got super close to this bird and realized it has the lightest eyes I've ever seen.

These birds walking by in the cage look prehistoric to me. 

Loved these guys. What a fun day.

The peacocks were hilarious to me. They walked around looking for food and scoping out strollers and wagons for any crumbs! They come really close to you, but if a kid starts to chase them, they'll walk quickly away from them until the kids stop. 

I love their feathers. The detail is truly amazing.

We were all taking pictures of the peacocks.

Liam was perfectly fine with dad pushing his stroller just as long as no one else tried to push him.

We snuck away for a couple of minutes to run to the bathroom, and after this selfie, we found out Liam threw a fit since we were gone.

We knew Liam loved rhinos and hippos before this trip to the zoo, but we found out he loves tigers and lions too. He was roaring along with them. I've never been there when they've done that.

One last picture at the Zoo next to the lion.

I couldn't help but post a little video of Liam saying, "Choo Choo... Choo Chooo!" when we stopped at train tracks for an oncoming train. It was pretty entertaining.

We stopped at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch after the Zoo. 

We were all starving. Ha 

My chicken sandwich was spicy and awesome. 

We all picked out cheesecake after lunch. I chose the Key Lime and Bill picked the Chocolate Hazelnut. We have opposite tastes, and there is no way he would take a bite out of mine. I tried his out though. I'm not as picky. ;)

The sunset on the way home was gorgeous. The days are definitely getting longer! It was getting completely dark at 4:30. I'm thinking spring isn't too far away for us.

When we got home, I was worn out from the cold and from walking around. We sat on the couch for a while and had a mini cleaning session before bed. I'm hoping our next day trip includes the Shedd Aquarium.

Little Pink Book

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Life Lately

We're just starting to get over our colds over here. We had what started out as the flu and ended up with a head cold that wouldn't go away. I held out the longest without having any cold, but I finally got it too. 

I wrote an update on 33 weeks in my last post. This Sunday, I'll be 35 weeks! I honestly can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going! I'm so excited to meet our baby boy.

Last week, we visited my my mom at her work. Liam jumped in her lap and wanted to look at her pictures in her cube. It was so cute. I think he was happy to see all the familiar pictures. 

I just love all the summer pictures she has up on her wall. I feel like soon enough spring will be here, and we'll be enjoying warmer weather again. I know I'll be daydreaming about it.


We went to a museum ten minutes from our house where Liam got to explore and see a lot of animals with his twin cousins last week. They had a great time running around and screaming together. Haha I envy the energy they have. 

Liam screamed when he saw the rhinos. It was so sweet to watch him get excited to see an animal he loves. I wonder what makes the rhinos his favorite.

I couldn't get over how cute they were later on at lunch at McDonald's. They loved the play area.

When Liam has something on his mind it's hard to distract him. He wanted donuts after church. Haha

We stopped at Lowe's after church to look for lights for our house. We didn't end up finding any, but Bill went out later that day and picked up different ones from another store. 

Liam had an abundance of energy after church and was running up and down the aisles saying, "So fast! So fast!" 

I forgot to include our attempt at a family picture. It's so hard to get him to smile at the camera on cue. Haha 

And one with Mimi... He thinks it's hilarious to push Mimi away. Ha What a goof!

We ended up getting pretty cute pictures with Mimi on Sunday. 

We had dinner at Mimi's house on Sunday. She made beef stroganoff, and I bought bread and salad. Liam loved this meal.

I haven't had this for a while! It's probably one of my favorite meals.

On Monday, we went to Chick-fil-A. The chicken nuggets were Liam's favorite. I always get the spicy chicken sandwich. I don't think I've ever gotten anything else. Next time, I'll have to look at the rest of the menu. Haha Liam's favorite toys at the moment are his ducks. I love how kids will bring their favorite toys with them everywhere. The kids at the table next to us had a toy or two with them as well.

Liam is a people person. He loved watching those kids next to us interact and laugh together. I love how he loves people. It's completely endearing.