Monday, January 23, 2017

Our 5th Anniversary!


Bill and I celebrated our 5th anniversary on Saturday! Five years! This anniversary surprised me in a way. It made me realize how fast time really does fly by. It doesn't feel like it's been 5 years since we went to Florida and got married on the beach. I still think about our wedding and how I loved every bit of it. It was simple, beautiful and everything I wanted. I remember walking down those stairs to the beach with my parents and being incredibly excited and nervous at the same time. I remember tearing up together when we were standing next to each other. 

Since we got married, we've been back to Florida twice. Last year, we went with Liam for his first time to the beach! I have all of those posts from each day under January of 2016 on my blog. Anyway, I would love to have my family go to Florida next time. Mom, Meg, Phil... If you're reading this... I really want you to go! 😀

Anyway, our anniversary was a relaxed one this year since we've been sick recently and have been busy with house projects. Pretty much the whole day up until the afternoon we were busy with different things. My sister took Liam to my mom's group in the morning. They were at the trampoline park for toddler time. They jumped for a while and then Meg took him to mom's house for a long nap. My mom took him out for dinner and to Target to pick out two new stuffed animals. He ended up selecting a little giraffe and dinosaur that stand up easily since the legs have extra stuffing.

Bill and I were working doing different things till 3:30, but we got ready and went out for dinner at Ted's Montana Grill. We had a crab appetizer that was amazing! I had a sirloin steak salad and Bill had a meatloaf sandwich. 

Such a good appetizer!

My salad was great. It's funny we told ourselves we were going light because we were getting an appetizer, but our appetizer wasn't as filling as we thought. It wasn't a big deal since we planned on getting ice cream at Oberweise. 

Waiting for the appetizer...

 Enjoying a bison meatloaf sandwich.

After shopping and eating, we went to Oberweise where I got my favorite flavor in a waffle bowl. Black raspberry chocolate chunk is my absolute favorite. Tangy and sweet at the same time!

And one picture of us after dinner... Happy 5 years, sweetie!

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