Friday, January 6, 2017


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I love writing about the things going on right at the moment. I think it's entirely too easy to forget what was going on a month ago, especially the details. This post covers a lot of things I'm thinking about, planning for and accomplishing this month.

Reading - Eligible Bill got me Eligible off of the NPR book recommendation list. It's the modern re telling of Pride and Prejudice. I love this book so far. The characters are relatable and interesting. I love how they have modern lives and the problems and circumstances we have today. I think it's a great book!

Listening to - Anne of Greene Gables I've never read this book before, and I'm so glad I decided to get it on Audible. I love Anne's character. Her curiosity and spark for life is fun. I like listening to a book in the morning on most days when I'm starting work or trying to wake up in the morning. 

Thinking of - Bill and I have been trying to brainstorm a new theme for our bathroom. Bill had an interesting idea. He suggested a woodland theme. I'm not exactly sure what this theme would mean for a bathroom, but I love how it sounds. I'm planning on doing some research and by research I mean searching "woodland theme" on Pinterest. I think I'll dedicate a separate post for this theme. 

Day Dreaming about - I've been thinking about going to a museum or the Shed Aquarium lately. I love taking Liam. He's so curious and wants to see "all the things." I especially love the Shed. The coral reef they have is so beautiful, and I'm usually in the best mood after looking around. Sometimes, it's the best getting away on a winter day to enjoy something different with my family.

Planning - I've been thinking about different things I want to do in the new year. I have a few things written down that I want to change or do differently. I'm excited to see if I can maintain the changes throughout the year!

 Enjoying - I've been enjoying thinking about all the change we are about to experience in the next few months. I don't think I've ever experienced this much change at once. I've been enjoying it so much that I haven't had much brain space for anything else lately. Haha It's possible I have a bit of baby brain right now. There's too much going on at the moment to escape it!

Planning - I've been planning blog posts for our anniversary. I wanted to post pictures from our wedding and a few from our honeymoon. I kind of can't wait to write about. I'm also writing a list of things I want to do before our new baby joins us in March. I think the things I'm planning will help us all have a smooth transition.

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