Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Taking Stock

Brainstorming - I've been brainstorming ways to decorate for fall... I feel bad saying I've already been thinking about fall, because I know I'm going to miss summer. I'm conflicted. I want to go swimming this weekend and go to the orchard. Haha

Decorating - I haven't been decorating lately. I'm waiting till September to switch out my summer decorations for fall decor.

Discovering - Lately, I've been loving reading on my iPad. It's so convenient. I'm planning on writing about this later.

Drinking - Bill and I are both obsessed with LaCroix. Liam will drink it too. Peach Pear is are favorite!

Enjoying - We've been enjoying the last days of summer. With school starting for everyone, I'm feeling the need to savor every last bit of summer. We went to the pool twice this past weekend to swim during their twilight hours, and we're headed there again this weekend. Now, I just need to remember to take pictures while I'm there!

Feeling - I'm feeling excited... We have some fun things planned.

Listening - I haven't been listening to anything lately.

Lusting - Oh gosh... I've been lusting over some LuLaRoe lately. I had a party this past weekend and got a Joy, a Perfect and some leggings. I'm in love with my clothes from LuLaRoe.

Planning -  I've been planning my outfit for a wedding we have coming up in October, and I'm shocked I already know what I'm wearing. Usually, it takes me forever to decide, and I'm never satisfied with what I wear. This time, I'll wear a Carly with a Joy over it, cute boots and possibly black leggings if it's cold.

Playing - We've been playing outside as much as possible. We can't let summer slip by without being outside.

Procrastinating - Nothing recently! I've been keeping up with work, and it feels amazing! Liam is looking through Dinosaur books right now while type this post, and after this, I'm finishing up some work for the day. I try to finish at noon each day so I'm giving him the attention he deserves. Roland is sleeping next to me.

Shopping - I bought some LuLaRoe recently... I'm obsessed like a lot of people. How about you? Have you bought any LuLaRoe?

Thinking - This weekend, I had been racking my brain to figure out what book I wanted to read next... I picked "The Glass Castle." I came across this book club where they are going to read "A Stranger in the House." I'm still debating if I am brave enough to read it?? Are you able to read scary books? How do you separate a scary book from real life? I'm afraid I would be scared at night, but the title has my curiosity up. LOL 

Wishing - I'm wishing we had one more month of summer. Although, September usually always feels like summer.

Watching - I'm wanting to watch "Big Little Lies" and "Veep." Have you watched either of them? I read "Big Little Lies" and LOVED it. I'm assuming I'll love the show.

Waiting - I'm waiting for the weekend to get here. I can't wait for more time in the pool and a visit to the orchard. 

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Roland - 6 Months

{Milestones}  You started sitting up this month! You had been rocking back and forth on our lap for a while, and all the sudden, you were able to sit up on the ground too! We were so excited for you!

You are grabbing and reaching more. Reaching for things is new. Sometimes, you will rock back and forth on our lap and then go to stand up. You have so much more strength. In the past two weeks, you have become much more active. It's exciting watching you sit and stand.

{Temperament} You are the happiest little guy. You adore your brother and your toys.

I cannot get over the cute relationship you and your brother have.

{Eating & Sleeping} You started solids yesterday... Before yesterday, I had tried giving you some vegetables on three different occasions. I made the decision yesterday to regularly give you food after you started waking up in the middle of the night. You had been sleeping a full 8 hours, and now, you are waking up once in the middle of the night. I know this isn't horrible, but I would LOVE to go back to your 8 hour routine.

I gave you organic rice cereal. You were pretty excited about it. You took 10 spoonfuls with out any trouble.

You're eating every 2 to 2.5 hours. You'll have one 3 hour stretch during the day.

You go down for bed between 8:30 and 9:30.

You are napping throughout the day. You'll have shorter cat naps and two longer naps in the afternoon and evening.

{Weight} 23 pounds 14 ounces (98th percentile)

{Height} 27.5 inches (75 to 90th percentile)

{Clothes}  You are still in some 12 month onesies, but I noticed I like your 18 month clothing on you a lot better! You also have this one 24 month shirt of Liam's that fits nicely. I can tell you are getting longer and your 12 month onesies aren't fitting.

{Hair} You have long bangs in front that love to swoop to the side or sit to the front of your head. The hair that is coming in on the sides is pretty blonde.

{Eyes} True blue with a darker ring of blue on the outside.

{Likes} You love sitting and rocking back and forth. You also love your play gym. You can hit the rings and look at all the colors.

You love being outside. You love being held. You like when people talk to you and make you laugh. 

You love riding in the stroller for a walk or run. You still love your swing although you are on the ground more often now whether you are sitting or playing on your tummy or laying in your play gym.

{Dislikes} This one is always hard... I feel like you don't have too many dislikes. You're pretty chill. Although being hungry isn't fun or being tired.

{Outings} You went to Chicago again this month! This time, Auntie Paula came with us! We went on the water taxi to Michigan Avenue, and then we walked to Millennium Park where we played all day. We got Garret's popcorn on the way home.

We've been going to forest preserves. The last one wasn't that great because of all the misquitos. It was a full time job fanning them away from you for part of the walk. I think we might wait a while to go back. We've been going to our favorite park. You love sitting in the stroller and looking around at everything. If you're not looking around, you're sleeping.

The bumpy trails put you right to sleep. 

We celebrated a plethora of family birthdays this past month. 

This month, you'll go to the Tractor show for the first time. You "helped" drop off the tractor when Papa pulled everyone in the wagon to the show and Nana picked everyone up.
{Just for Fun} Liam's 6 Month Update

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What We've Been Up To {My 700th Post!!}

I thought I would share what we've been up to lately on my 700th post! Wow... I never thought I would have 700 posts on this blog. I've blogged about a lot of different things, and I think my favorite part of having a blog is the ability to look back at all the memories at a later point.

Okay... Here's what we've been up to lately!


I made cinnamon rolls for Bill's birthday yesterday. He LOVES them and always requests them.

I also made a pasta salad this week, and we've been having it for lunch. I should say I've been eating it for lunch. Liam doesn't like it yet. He's been eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


We had such a good time going out for Bill's birthday last night. We went out with Bill's parents and my mom. Roland was with too. :)


I'm loving summer. I don't want it to end! I love sitting outside with the family and having meals out there.

We've been making the most of our summer.


We've been outside living up all the good parts of summer. I'm planning a few fun this week.


Honestly, I've been dreading due dates, but I started using my planner religiously. My planner makes all the difference.

I feel on top of things with it. There are few things I need to tackle today, but first, I need to make time for a walk.


I've been working on my social media accounts I take care of each week. Also, I have story to complete this week.

I'm having a typical week. 😄


I'm excited for the dutch door we ordered for our closet. I had several ideas for our room, but this dutch door was all Bill's idea. I loved the idea.

I've never seen a dutch door for a closet door, but of course it's on Pinterest!


I haven't been watching any new TV lately. I'm almost caught up with the Bachelorette, but it's not holding my interest.

I honestly need to find another show. Do you have any suggestions?

I've been reading:

Bill has asked me for a few years to read "Anna Karenina." I haven't been interested. I don't know why. I think I thought the language would be off-putting.

I was pleasantly surprised. Tolstoy's book reads like a modern book! Who would have thought?!


I've been listening to the third Harry Potter book... I LOVE the narrator. Harry Potter takes me to another world. 

 We're working on cleaning up the basement and organizing all of our stuff that was in "storage."

We've come a long way, but we're still working on the finishing touches.


I've been living in shorts and maxi skirts, but I've been wanting to wear leggings... These Disney Lularoe leggings are a favorite.

My mom keeps telling me I need to wear more green and blue. I'm considering it. Ha


I'll still be enjoying summer. I can't wait for more festivals that typically happen in August.


We're finishing our book challenge for the library this week. Liam will have read 40 books, and I'm finishing my third book.

I'm hoping he likes the prizes he gets from the library.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Happy Birthday, Bill! {And a List of My Favorite Moments With You!}

Happy Birthday, Bill! Today, you turn 33! It's hard to believe I met you when you were 25. I think it's fun thinking back to when we met and thinking about where we would be at when we turned 30 and 33. I'm so proud of everything we've accomplished together and apart.

I never would have thought I would meet anyone as fun, goofy, smart or loyal as you are. Thank you for being my best friend for the past 7 years.

A few of my favorite moments from the past 7 years:

Our trip to Canada and New York! 1, 2 and 3

Our Beach Wedding

Our Wedding Reception at the Farm

Decorating Our House Together when we were First Married

Our Trip to Europe 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Trips to Biloxi 1, 2, 3

Our First time back in Hutchinson Island since Our Wedding

Our Trip to Vegas for Tom's 21st

 Liam's Birth 💓

Roland's Birth (I still have to write his birth story.) 💙

I realized I most mentioned our favorite trips together, but they were super special. Of course, the most important moments and memories come from our boys. I love the family we have together! 💖💋

Liam, Roland and I all love you SO MUCH!

Happy, Happy Birthday!! We can't wait to celebrate with you!


Little Pink Book

Monday, July 24, 2017

Taking Stock

Brainstorming -  I've been brainstorming ideas for Bill's birthday, and I've come up with the perfect idea for a present... Bill is the least material person I know. I usually end up buying him what amounts to a lot of "stuff." This time, I'm going for something more meaningful.

Decorating -  I believe I finished decorating my desk area. The other week I bought a chalkboard and a mermaid decoration from Hobby Lobby. I'm honestly in love with how it looks. I feel like I love walking over to my desk and looking at it when I sit down. Plus, it reminds me of every article I'm currently working on at the moment and what posts I'm researching and scheduling for social media.

Discovering - The importance of a routine! I've been using my datebook more often, and I have felt a lot more organized! I know what I need to get done. I know what needs to be done at a certain time too. It's great. I've been committed to writing in it daily.

Drinking -LaCroix water all day. Well, I haven't been drinking it all day long but pretty close! I love the peach, coconut, berry and lemon flavor! Also, I think I'm getting obsessed with tea again. I like it in the afternoon after I've had coffee in the morning. Of course, I'm drinking a lot of water too.

Enjoying - I'm taking in every good moment this summer. I love the warm summer months. I also love fall too, but I want to enjoy summer before it's gone. I love the pool, the warm days, the quiet mornings outside on the deck and the walks in the forest preserve. Oh, I can't forget the fun trips to the city we've had as well. They're also the best.

Feeling - I've been motivated to get in a good routine this past weekend after feeling completely overwhelmed. There's nothing like a horribly unorganized day/week that motivates you to get a tight schedule. I'm feeling super prepared even though I've only been following this schedule for a day.

Listening - I've been listening to "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban." The narrator is amazing!

Lusting - Nothing lately...

Planning - We've been planning and organizing the basement. Bill has done an amazing job. I have a cork board I'm decorating. It's been so much fun watching it all come together.

Playing - Liam is currently playing with his dinosaurs. His dinosaurs, Bill's toys from childhood, are his favorites.

Procrastinating -  I'm not procrastinating anything today. I feel like the more I put something off the more overwhelmed I get.

Shopping - My mom went shopping for me yesterday. She picked up some decorations that Bill requested for his birthday. I'm excited to have him open them tomorrow.

Thinking -  Thinking about how to decorate the basement. Ha I can't wait to post pictures of everything.

Wishing - I'm wishing there were more weeks in summer to enjoy all the good things we love.

Waiting - I'm waiting for tomorrow to make Bill's birthday the best one yet. I'm making cinnamon rolls tomorrow for him. I still haven't heard exactly what he wants to do tomorrow. Ha He likes telling me everything he wants at the last minute.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Summer Wish List

I woke up yesterday thinking I needed to make the most of summer before it ends... It was a panicky moment. Ha I can't believe it's the middle of July. Where did the time go?! I seriously wish summer was six months long instead of three. I love going on walks, eating outside, swimming and every other summer activity.

Ever year, I get so excited for the start of summer, and I create a list of things I want to do before it ends. Bill is much more of a cold weather person. He doesn't mind when summer ends. In fact, he told me yesterday that he doesn't swim after July 4. Crazy!

It's a little weird when you consider I'm over here wondering how I can fit in all the summer goodness I can possibly manage.

The main thing I want out of summer is outside time. I love being able to walk outside and be comfortable outside for hours. I know it's a basic thing, but no one really takes warm weather for granted when you live in Illinois.

So we did just that yesterday! We went to my mom's house and went on a walk with Kittle. We down to the baseball diamond and rested. Liam watched some older boys play basketball at the park. I loved seeing other people outside enjoying the day.

Kittle is getting older, but she still loves a walk! Liam loves the shoes he has on in this picture. We call them his "water shoes" or "clogs."

Liam LOVES walking Kittle. It only works if Kittle is wearing her pinch collar since she doesn't follow that well.

I love this picture of us! Liam's smile is so cute and big!

Aside from finding summer activities, I've been thinking about bringing Liam to his first movie... He's been obsessed with the "Minions" movie lately, and I am wondering if I should bring him to see the "Despicable Me 3" movie.

I know he can sit through an entire movie at home. I don't know how it would go at a movie theatre.

I'll definitely blog about it if I do. 😊

Little Pink Book

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Roland - 5 Months

{Milestones} You're holding your head up for a long time while you are doing tummy time. It's fun to watch you get stronger. :)

You found your hands. It's hilarious watching you look at your hands. I wonder what you think?

You are smiling all the time. You love when people talk to you. You are very social.

You love toys! When you aren't eating or sleeping, I'll give you a toy to occupy you. You enjoy whipping it around and looking at it.

{Temperament} You are a very easy baby. You're always calm. Of course, you know how to communicate your hunger and any other need. I love how chill you are.

{Eating & Sleeping} During the day, you eat every 2 hours. No solid food yet. If I go somewhere you might have a long stretch of 2.5 hours. You sleep most of the day. There are short periods of time you are awake. You've been going to bed at 8 p.m. and waking up at 3 or 4 a.m. to eat. You go back to bed for another 2 to 3 hours. You are sleepy in the morning, and I've been able to sleep in when I'm caught up on work. :)

{Weight} 21 pounds 10 ounces

{Height} We will find out at your 6 month appointment! At 4 months, you were 25 inches.

{Clothes} You are in 12 month clothing. Mimi got you a onesie with crabs on it, and it's a 12 to 18 months.This onesie goes with the sweater jacket Miss Verbie gave you. I bought you several 12 month shirts and shorts last week, and I don't think I'll have to buy anymore clothing in the next size . I located Liam's 18 month and 2T clothing

{Hair} You lost most of your hair on the sides and back of your head from looking back and forth. You have a lot of hair on top of your head just like your older brother, Liam, had  when he was your age. Although, it took you longer to lose your hair. Where you lost your hair, I see blonde hair growth. The hair on top is still brown with a tiny bit of red (maybe).

{Eyes} You have true blue eyes.

{Likes}You LOVE people. You love when we talk to you and hang out with you. You especially love when Liam talks to you and lays on the floor with you. I know you guys are going to be best friends. I take that back... Aren't you ALREADY best friends?! I think so.

You are liking the toys I give you more often now. The sensory toys are your favorites. In your car seat, you like having a blanket. I don't give you a blanket in your bassinette. I think we started giving a blanket with Liam when he would sleep after a year, and it was the breathable blanket. I love that you can stay warm in your SleepSack that is completely safe.

You love stroller rides any time of the day. I like going for a walk in the afternoon and evening when it helps all of us relax.

{Dislikes} There aren't many. I would say being overtired is the main one, but I think all of us hate being overtired. Ha

{Outings} Chicago was the biggest outing we have had recently. I need to do a separate post on this one, but you were the easiest baby to bring on the train to Chicago. I'm planning on going back at the end of the month. I can't wait to visit again. :)

Other things we did this month:

You met my friend Michelle and her husband Matt.

We had an impromptu party with Nana and Papa at Turk's house on the fourth of July.

We walked on a nature trail after a party, and I was reminded of why I love nature trails.

You went on a little date with Mama and Dada and Liam stayed with Mimi.

{Just for Fun} Liam's 5 Month Update

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Taking Stock

Brainstorming - I've been thinking about how to organize all of my work related papers. Also, I'm brainstorming ideas about collecting my articles I've written for the paper and putting them in a binder. I want to have my favorites in one place.

Decorating - This past month, we worked on decorating and furnishing the living room. Bill picked up another end table and a coffee table. I bought a bar cart from Target that goes along with our mid-century modern theme. At least that's what our family has said! Ha

Discovering - I've been discovering new books I want to read. "Crazy Rich Asians" and "What Remains" are on my list.

Drinking - Coffee in the morning and a lot of water throughout the day.

Enjoying -We have had short break from the typical hot weather, and I've been loving the cooler nights.

Feeling - I'm excited for the weekend! We have a lot of things planned. We're celebrating birthdays on Bill's side and my brother's birthday too. Plus, it's the fourth of July, and we have a few parties too. We'll see how it all turns out.

Listening -I haven't listened to that much lately after finishing "Big Little Lies." I'm going to start "Anna Karenina" on Audible.

Lusting - Nothing in particular! Okay, I take that back. I'm lusting/craving cherry crisp. We picked cherries from the tree in our backyard last night, and I'm baking it this afternoon!

Planning - I've been writing several to-do lists, planning out birthday presents for different family members and planning on carving out some time to write in Liam and Roland's baby books.

Playing - We've been playing with a lot of dinosaurs lately. Liam loves playing with Bill's collection he had growing up. Plus, he has a plethora of little dinosaurs from Easter.

Procrastinating - I've been putting off laundry, but yesterday and the day before, I tried to tackle everything in the basement. I washed our sheets too. Oh, I've been meaning to finish crocheting a blanket, and I'm going to try and finish it tonight.

Thinking - I started reading "What Remains" by Carole Radziwill, and I can't stop thinking about the stories she writes about in her book. It's fascinating.

Shopping - I shopped for 12 month clothing for Roland this morning. We went to Kohl's for clothes. Each time I go, I'm reminded of when my mom would shop for us at Kohl's when were younger. She would pick up pretty much everything from there that we needed aside from groceries of course.

Wishing - I've been dying to go to Wisconsin for a little weekend getaway. I don't think it will happen this summer, but if not, I'm wanting to plan something for the fall/winter time. We'll see...

Waiting - Waiting for the weekend to start... I can't wait for everything we have planned. I have a feeling I'll be ready for the week after this. I'm not used to having something scheduled for each day.

Little Pink Book

Monday, June 26, 2017

A Day in the Life

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to take a picture every couple of hours to document what I did in a typical day with Liam (2.5 years) and Roland (4 months). I love reading and looking back at what life was like. You think you'll remember most things, but I find that I forget most of the details.

Roland woke up at 5:30 a.m. I fed him and he went back to bed while I worked for a few hours. I put Stress Away in the diffuser. I start diffusing it early in the day and keep it going till the afternoon. I feel like I'm on a beach with it diffusing. 😏 Typically, I'm working on posting to social media for my accounts in the morning and writing a blog post. Roland will sleep till 8:30 or 9 in the morning, and Liam will wake up around the same time. I feel really lucky they are such good sleepers!

After I feed Roland again and get breakfast for Liam, I'll work on cleaning the kitchen.

And I'll fold a load of laundry. I like to do one or two loads every other day. I could probably do one load of laundry everyday, but I'm typically behind by a day.

I like to listen to a book while I clean. Last week, I was listening to "Big Little Lies." I really enjoyed this book. It was good mix of funny scenes and characters and serious life and relationship issues. I ended up finishing the book using iBooks on my phone. It's funny. I think I like iBooks better than Audible.

I had to run to the library at 11 a.m. Roland was already asleep. He typically will sleep longer if I'm going out. He is really easy to bring with when I'm running errands.

We were returning a couple of movies, and Liam saw these two books he had to check out! Ha Tractors and dinosaurs are a big favorite!

Bill wanted me to text him a picture of the XBOXONE games. I have to admit, this was my second attempt. The first pictures I sent him were of regular XBOX games.

It was noon when I left the library. I decided to go to Target to search for an end table. Liam is so used to stopping by Starbucks when were at a store that he will ask for a snack when he sees one. He got a chocolate milk, and I got a mocha frappuccino. It's hard to say no when you want to go the same place! Haha

I found a bar cart to use as end table. It really fits the mid-century modern theme we have in the living room, and it was 60 percent off! Yay!

I always end up giving him a little of my drink.

When we got home both kids took a nap, and Liam woke up super happy.

This picture was from earlier when we were relaxing before Roland went to sleep. Isn't he sweet?

In the evening, I went on a walk with Roland and Liam. Bill also went with, and we walked to the farm where we found his parents sitting by the fire. I ended up staying with Roland while Bill went to organize the basement. We're in the middle of putting the basement back together. Bill's dad was cooking a pizza. I had a couple of slices, and he asked me, "So what would you like for dessert?" Ha! I love how he will always ask me this after dinner. He's so sweet and fun. Bill Senior decided on cinnamon rolls. Before they were done, I went back home and picked up Liam so he could have one with us.

Liam loves going over to Nana and Papa's house. We stayed for a little bit longer, and I went home to put everyone to bed. It was a pretty typical day for us besides the trip to Target. I think I go once or twice a month. 😉 What does a typical day look like for you?

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Random List...

First things first... These cinnamon rolls were amazing! Bill had requested I bake cinnamon rolls for Father's Day so naturally I left it to the last minute to make the dough and bake them.

This actually my second attempt. They turned out a lot better when I let the dough rise for a couple of hours! Go figure.

Bill has always used white sugar mixed with cinnamon for the filling, but these cinnamon rolls have brown sugar. I really liked it!

Summer: This summer has already been flying by way too fast for my taste. It always does, right? I'm feeling the need to take more pictures and videos to remember when everything was green and warm outside. I always thought summer was one of the best seasons!

My babies are growing up so fast. I walked by the bathroom mirror when I was holding Roland. I couldn't believe how big he looked! You know when you're holding them, you can't really see them. You see the back of their head and the side of their face most of the time, and you don't see what they look like from a distance.

Liam is looking and acting like an older kid all the time. The stuff he can say and communicate to us is amazing. We also switched him to a daybed on Sunday. There's no more crib anymore! It's going okay I would say. I got him to nap yesterday in his bed, but he didn't settle down in his room till late last night.

With the house, we have it decorated for the most part. I can't really think of anything I HAVE to do. The curtains are up, the mirror is up, the reading nook is fully decorated, there are pillows everywhere and we have three end tables. The only big thing missing is a coffee table. I need to search a little bit harder this week for that. Other than that, I would say our living/dining room is almost finished.

I decided one of the top shelves in the reading nook would change with the seasons and everything else would generally stay the same. This way, I'm not fully redecorating everything every few months.

Sleep has been a big focus lately. I haven't been getting enough. I've been staying up later than I should the past few days. I need to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier instead of working later at night. I think that would help. Any other work from home parents have any advice? ;)

I should sign off now before Liam wakes up. Haha I need to start checking things off my list. :)

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