Sunday, December 18, 2016

Taking Stock

Brainstorming - New post ideas for next year! I've been writing down the posts I've been writing this year along with new ideas for next year. I'm excited to be more organized. I want to have certain posts I write on a regular basis. Fran from Freeborboleta wrote a blog planner. It's only $7 now. I'm excited to use it.

Decorating - I haven't decorated anything lately. I've been cleaning and packing things up lately. It's funny how you can accept not decorating for Christmas when you have something else going on.

Drinking - Lots of water, milk sometimes and hot chocolate sometimes.

Enjoying - Finishing up my Christmas shopping and wrapping Christmas presents. I love when I'm almost done with everything, and I can enjoy the anticipation of giving the presents I bought. I just wrapped a lot of presence in this afternoon, and I'm so excited to give them to my family this week!

Feeling - Pretty good! Carrying around the baby weight all day can get tiring. Despite the baby weight, I'm feeling really good, and I have plenty of energy except for around 8 p.m. ;)

Listening - I'm currently listening to "Anne of Green Gables" on Audible. Rachel McAdams narrates it, and I love her voice. I was surprised at how this book has really captured my attention.

Lusting - I came up with my Christmas list for my mom, and the stuff I listed, I really like. I love anything from Barefoot Dreams. It's so cozy this time of the year.

Planning - I have been planning out my Christmas gifts writing what I have for everyone on a sheet of paper. I only have a couple of things left including stocking stuffers to get.

Playing - We've been playing with horses, dinosaurs (darn darns), reading books and playing in the snow when it's not too cold. Today, it was in the single digits and the negative temperatures for most of the day so we didn't go outside.

Procrastinating - I've been really good when it comes to working ahead. I haven't been procrastinating, because I have a lot going on lately. I love how the more I have going on the more efficient I am.

Shopping - Last minute shopping for stocking stuffers and chocolate from our local confectionery. I think I finished shopping for Bill which is always hard. He loves saying he wants nothing because he hates consumerism, but the one Christmas when I didn't buy him much he was kind of upset. I learned my lesson. I don't ever listen to him if he says he wants nothing for Christmas or his birthday. It's a lie. Haha

Wishing - I'm not really wishing for anything at the moment. Feeling super content.

Waiting - Waiting for Christmas to get here! I can't wait for this weekend! I'm excited for Liam to wake up on Christmas Day. 🎅

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