Saturday, December 10, 2016

Life Lately.

November flew by this year per usual, and now, we're almost in the middle of December. It's kind of hard to believe. After Thanksgiving, we took our Christmas pictures with all the cousins. Liam was so serious in almost all the pictures until I mentioned CANDY, and he couldn't help but smile. Halloween wasn't good for us in regards to candy. It became an obsession, and he always ask for a piece of candy. Haha

We went to McDonald's after the Christmas pictures, and they had this awesome table (I'm assuming for kids) that entertained all the kids. They look pretty cute in all their Christmas clothes.

I took Liam to this Winter Wonderland festival while Bill went to a hockey game with his brother and family. He was pretty scared of the reindeer, but he did run up and pet him a couple of times. I couldn't believe they actually had two there. This one was the older one who much calmer than the one-year-old who jumping up in the air. I didn't want Liam too close to him. After this, we went on carriage ride. Liam LOVED the horses. We we're walking past a a trailer and Liam yelled, "horseee!" They were supposed to be there earlier so I didn't think they were coming, but I'm so glad Liam spotted them for me.

I went to see the Nutcracker the other week. Since I couldn't pick up Kittle from the groomer, Bill went with Liam and his dad. This picture cracks me up. Bill and his dad have never taken a dog to the groomer or picked any dog up from one. Their dogs were never groomed since they live outdoors. I think they had fun picking her up.

We had our annual shopping trip to Chicago on Thursday. We went to breakfast, shopped at Macy's, ate at the Walnut room, stopped at the Build a Bear workshop ;), visited the German Christmas market and made one last stop at Garret's for popcorn.

I love when it's not crowded at the German Christmas market! Sometimes, you can barely walk around.

I've been taking a lot of pictures of Kittle lately. I've seen two people on FB lose their dog recently, and I've been feeling the need to capture her picture more often since you never know when you'll have to say goodbye to your pet. I would hate to lose her. She's been the sweetest and most playful dog even in her older age at 10. She still brings us so much joy. I literally can't imagine life without her. We can't take anything for granted. This is why I'll be focusing more on her whenever I'm at my mom's.

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