Friday, December 30, 2016

A bunch of Pictures from our Christmas weekend!

Last week was filled with planning and making decisions, and of course, we stopped for lunch first. I love this picture of Bill. He always serious when he's contemplating something! Haha We've been entertaining Liam with the videos I have saved on my phone. He watched Secret Life of Pets while we talked to Bill's parents and had lunch. I don't always let him watch TV, but when we are out and I want him to stay by me, it's an attractive option.

While we were having lunch, I noticed they were hauling away the Santa house across the street. I couldn't believe they were taking it down the Wednesday before Christmas! It seemed too soon. I found out that night there were no appointments left at the mall for Santa pictures either. I was entirely bummed we wouldn't have any Santa pictures this year. I need to plan it out better and go early next year! I think it would be adorable to have Liam and his brother sitting with Santa! I seriously can't wait for Liam to meet his brother. I feel like he'll be surprised.

After lunch, we stopped at Menards and Liam spotted these emoji dog toys. He really had fun stocking his cart! ;) He was so proud of himself. When we went to leave, he put all of them back on the shelf.

Friday was Christmas at the Juns Farm. Bill's mom went all out making a bunch of desserts including several different cookies, lemon pound cake and other appetizers. We had a hard time keeping Liam away from all the dessert or "CANDY!" Hahah

All ready for the party in his three piece suit. His three other boy cousins wore the same thing.

Enjoying his blueberry candy cane.

Present opening was crazy with 10 kids! My ears were really ringing after all the noise and excitement of Christmas. haha

Brice enjoying his felt sandwich toys!

Bill's parents with all the grandkids.

Katie and I are due a month apart. It's going to be an exciting winter!

On Christmas eve, we went over to my mom's. My mom watched Liam while we went to the new Star Wars movie in the afternoon. We came home and hung out together for a while and had dinner later on. We noticed Liam wasn't feeling good after his nap. It was so sad to see him a little sick on Christmas eve! He did pretty good and opened his presents, but when it came to bed time, he was completely tired and ready to sleep.

Opening presents with Auntie Meg!

I thought this was the sweetest video of Auntie Meg and Liam saying, "Merry Christmas!" I love having these short and sweet videos we get to have forever to remember them at a certain age.

We opened all the presents downstairs that night. We did the same thing last year. I had the best time opening presents with everyone and watching Liam play with his toys and read his new books.

Kittle cracks me up in this picture. She's just chilling with her people and enjoying Christmas. I'm so thankful we've had 10 years with her. She's been the best dog for our family, and I wish she could be with us forever!

See what I mean?! He's so cute reading his new Mickey books. What a sweetheart enjoying his new books. I had this chair when I was little, and it's adorable to see Liam sitting in the same one. This year, Liam was a pro at opening presents especially since his birthday was 10 days earlier. He got really excited whenever we would tell him he was getting more presents.

We opened our presents on Christmas morning with each other. Liam opened his own presents and a couple of his dad's.

He wasn't feeling very good on Christmas, but he was still up for opening his gifts!

Bill surprised me again this year and bought me something I wasn't expecting. I remember a couple of days earlier, he said he was going to pick me up a present I would really like. I had no idea what it was, and I was completely surprised on Christmas morning. I didn't try to pry or have him hint to what he bought me. I was dying to know, but I also wanted the surprise on Christmas morning. We both had been wanting a full length mirror, and this one is amazing for us! I love that it has storage inside the mirror since I struggle with this in our house. It's awesome having jewelry right behind the mirror along with perfume and make up. I think I'm going to love that when I'm getting ready in the morning.

We had Christmas at my dad's house at noon. I have three Christmases with family. One with Bill's family, one with my mom and the other with my dad. Holidays are extremely busy for me, but once everything is planned out, I can enjoy the holiday.

Poor Liam... He wasn't feeling good at all Christmas afternoon.

Uncle Phil on Christmas.

Hanging out before presents and lunch.

Liam still wanted to open his gifts even though he felt horrible. I was thankful he wanted to open and play with gifts even with feeling awful. We ended up leaving early from my dad's house and going straight home for Liam. He needed to be home and relax with us. It was kind of sad not doing anything Christmas evening, but all I wanted was for him to feel better.

The day after Christmas is my mom's birthday. I always make an effort to have her birthday be super special even if it's the day after Christmas. I don't think there are any excuses. We had a great time, and I can't wait to post about it!

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