Monday, November 7, 2016

Halloween 2016

So... I realize I just wrote a post counting down the days till Christmas. Lets forget about that for now, because I can't let November slip by without recapping our Halloween. Liam did great for about 10 houses. He was a little hesitant, and he would take a couple of pieces after I encouraged him to. Last year, Bill held him since he couldn't walk. I asked Bill how many pieces he picked himself, and he said it was one total. Bill helped him with the rest. Things have changed since then!

He loved his cow costume! I loved it too. We really attempted to get him excited for his costume so he would wear it!

Liam with his cousins. I think they gave him some candy. So sweet!

I feel like he looks like one of the big kids waiting to pick out some candy.

Liam got a second wind when we went to my mom's neighborhood and stopped a few houses. There were no kids out and everyone was being super generous with the amount of candy they let Liam have.
At this particular house, the husband came out first and Liam got two handfuls. Then the wife came out and let him grab two more handfuls. It was super cute, and he was so excited.
Grabbing his last handful!

Such a cutie! He did pretty well this year!

We stopped at my mom's house after going to the last few houses. I'm wearing the Mr. Potato head shirt Bill made me when I was pregnant with Liam. I love that I got to wear it again!

A few days before Halloween, we carved pumpkins at my mom's house.

Liam was incredibly happy to be around the pumpkins!

Just a happy baby. :)

Bill with his pumpkin he carved.

Left to Right: My pumpkin, Bill's pumpkin and Meg's pumpkin!

I think it's safe to say this Halloween was the best I've had in my life. I had the best time watching Liam get so excited over pumpkins. He made me think twice about how fun pumpkins are, and I became a little more happy whenever I would see one. I'm also thrilled he loved his cow costume and wanted to wear it the entire night. What a fun October it was!

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