Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Colder Weather, Birthdays and Changes

We've had such a mild start to fall/winter this year. I'm grateful for it. That's for sure. This whole week is supposed to be in the 50's or high 50's. We have plenty of time for it to be freezing cold without a break. We've had quite a few days where we have been outside enjoying the fall weather. Meg came over and raked a pile of leaves for Liam, and they both had fun throwing them up in the air. It's fun how kids instinctively think leaves are fun. Ha Liam has been riding his bike into the filed when I let him. It's not super easy riding your bike through the field when it hasn't been dug up. Pretty rough terrain.

I'm eagerly looking forward to the day when it snows. It will be fun to reintroduce Liam to snow and play in it with him! He loves being outside and enjoying watching the animals. Bill's sister's chickens free range so we get to enjoy them running around in our yard. They like visiting our duck and chickens. Speaking of our yard... Bill cut down around 10 trees and then pulled out the stumps with the tractor. Our yard looks pretty amazing right now.

Bill hard at work cleaning up the backyard.

We celebrated my sister's birthday almost a couple of weeks ago by going to Texas Roadhouse and then back to my mom's to open presents. Before we went back to my mom's, Bill suggested I ride with Meg. It was thoughtful of him, because we rarely get to hang out by ourselves. We stopped at Target to look through the Halloween costumes, stickers and decorations. It was so much fun going through everything and finding things Liam might like to play with.

I went out with Liam to lunch at Noodles and Company after we bought him the cutest holiday sweater ever. It was 50 percent off, and it totally looked like the perfect sweater for him. It's a knit sweater with a truck on it. I love buying him an outfit for his birthday and for the holidays.

Anyways, Liam was incredibly happy at lunch. He loves chicken and apple. We lucked out. :)

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