Saturday, November 5, 2016

51 Days Until Christmas


I'm pretty proud of myself this year. I've held off when it comes to listening to Christmas music, but I'm about to start pretty soon. There was one year I was listening to Christmas music in October. I felt like it completely wrecked my excitement for holiday music when November and December came around.

I think I've waited long enough now... Halloween is over, and I tend to combine Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's not that big of a surprise. Most people put up their Christmas decor the day after Thanksgiving anyways. We're planning on making my mom's house into a Christmas explosion for Liam. Hahah It was my sister's idea. She's so excited to see Liam's reaction to Christmas since this is the first year where he'll be noticing decorations and talking about them. I can't wait to get him excited over the holidays. We had fun teaching him about pumpkins and preparing him to be overly excited for his Halloween costume.

I love this age. He's almost 2, and he's repeating almost everything we try to teach him. Definitely a fun and exciting time! Lee loves animals too. We got him two books from Ross the other day for $4 each, and he went crazy when he saw he got a big book of animals. You can look up different animals because there categorized under A to Z in the book. We were driving home last night, and he begged us to have the light on so he could look through his books. It was adorable how he kept saying, "Light... light!"

He's still obsessed with trucks, tractors and combines. I want to get most of his birthday and Christmas presents centered around those things along with some train toys. He also loves dogs and cats. It's fun finding big beanie babies that he would love. 

He was eating in his chair the other day acting all cute, and I told him I want to buy him all the toys. He smiled really sweet, put his hands up by his face and laughed. It was adorable! I have a feeling he's going to enjoy the excitement of the holidays.

Little Pink Book

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