Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Life Lately

Life Lately has been filled with thoughts of the holidays! For some reason, I don't get too excited over Halloween, but I found a costume I bought for Liam in his closet that I can't wait to see him in. I also cannot wait to go from door to door watching him trick or treat! He was excited last year, and I know this year will be even better!

The weeks have been going by quickly. We've already made some changes and plans for the new baby. In the meantime, we've been on a lot of hay rides, and we have day dreamed of Christmas like no other. Well, I've been the one day dreaming not Bill. ;) 

Here's our Life Lately.


My friend Rebecca was in town last week, and we had breakfast with her at our favorite breakfast place. Liam did pretty good while we caught up. 

My mirror picture is from 19 weeks. 

I've made a lot of smoothies recently. Liam loves them, and they're a quick healthy option.


Liam loves hayrides! He so happy and content to sit there and watch his cousins.


Fefe and Liam love hanging out. Liam will run to her for a hug when he sees her. It's the cutest thing!


Here's another picture of Liam and Fefe running to go on another hayride. Two little cuties. 

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