Wednesday, October 5, 2016

14 & 17 Weeks - Baby #2

How far along are you? 17 Weeks and 4 days! I feel like this pregnancy has flown by. I can't believe in less than 3 weeks, I'll be halfway through it. Crazy!

Cravings: Peanut butter, apples, oatmeal, chocolate and smoothies. Pizza is another craving, but I haven't had it lately.

Reactions: I noticed a stranger looking at my stomach the other day. There's no way I'm hiding this at all, but I don't think have been for a long time. ;)

Favorite Moment this Week: I was sitting down and Liam came up to me and pointed to my stomach and said baby! It's still surreal to think he will be a brother soon! It will be me and my boys this March. :)

General Mood: Tired... I'm pretty much always tired. I'm trying to workout more even if it's nothing too exciting, because it makes me feel better.

Things I was surprised by: I'm feeling the baby more. Everyday, I feel him move. I feel flutters. It's nothing too obvious yet. I thought I would go to my doctor for every appointment like I did this time, but I haven't been. I've been switching it up each time, because it's a gamble who I'll get for the birth. I didn't do this last time, and I had only seen the doctor who had delivered me once.

Things I'm most looking forward to: I'm can't wait to see how Liam reacts to the new baby. I think he'll be completely mesmerized. Every time we see a baby, he points them out and has to look at them. It's super cute.

 I keep thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm really excited for both. I can't wait to do all the holiday things and be further along. Also, the Gilmore Girls revival comes out in November after Thanksgiving.

 Sleep: Sleep is going a little bit better than last time. I can sleep on my side if I want to. Last time, I would get muscle cramps when I attempted to lay on my side. They hurt horribly so I never slept that way. I also sleep propped up with three king sized pillows in bed. I've been doing that since week 8, and I'm taking a break from it now since I was getting sick of it. My back doesn't hurt yet. I was reading back through my old posts with Liam, and it already hurt at 17 weeks. I'm glad I'm experiencing something different this time around.

Weight Gain: Only 3 pounds! I'm gaining weight a lot slower this time around even if it doesn't look like it. ;)

What I think is cool and amazing: I'm just thankful and in awe my body can grow a human. What a crazy thing. Ha

Food aversions: None. I don't think I've ever really had one.

Maternity Clothes: Yes, I've been wearing them since 8 weeks like last time. I have all my shirts, dresses and pants in my closet now. It's nice having it all set up.

Exercises: Lunges are my favorite right now. I know I need to start doing squats...

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