Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Life Lately

Life Lately has been filled with thoughts of the holidays! For some reason, I don't get too excited over Halloween, but I found a costume I bought for Liam in his closet that I can't wait to see him in. I also cannot wait to go from door to door watching him trick or treat! He was excited last year, and I know this year will be even better!

The weeks have been going by quickly. We've already made some changes and plans for the new baby. In the meantime, we've been on a lot of hay rides, and we have day dreamed of Christmas like no other. Well, I've been the one day dreaming not Bill. ;) 

Here's our Life Lately.


My friend Rebecca was in town last week, and we had breakfast with her at our favorite breakfast place. Liam did pretty good while we caught up. 

My mirror picture is from 19 weeks. 

I've made a lot of smoothies recently. Liam loves them, and they're a quick healthy option.


Liam loves hayrides! He so happy and content to sit there and watch his cousins.


Fefe and Liam love hanging out. Liam will run to her for a hug when he sees her. It's the cutest thing!


Here's another picture of Liam and Fefe running to go on another hayride. Two little cuties. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Why I like Audible

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Six weeks after I had Liam, I jumped right back into work. I think I wanted my routine back. I love having a certain things I do throughout the week. You could say I love a sense of normalcy. Since I work part time from home it wasn't that big of a change, but the work still provided me with a schedule I liked. This time around I'm planning on taking 8 weeks since 6 seems a little short in retrospect.

When I started working again, it didn't leave much time for myself so I started listening to books on Audible. I used to have an Audible account a couple of years ago when I was working full time and wanting to read more. I love how you can get into the storytelling by listening to the narrator.

The best narrator I ever heard was for the Games of Thrones series and the Harry Potter series. If you have to have a great narrator, I would listen to those first. They're amazing.

Even though I love holding a book in my hands, I stopped reading an actual book most of the time for a few reasons. I love how I can be cleaning up or driving somewhere and reading a book at the same time.

I can still read all the books I want without having a baby try to tear the pages or shut the book. I didn't really try to read too much when Liam was up since I want to be engaged with him, but I will admit to trying to read for a half hour. It didn't go well. Haha

Another thing I love about audio books? They take up less space. I had around 30 to 50 books I donated recently. It was hard to let go of them. I still have my favorites on my shelf.

I love having my favorite books around and within short distance from my bed so I can read before bed. I don't think I could ever completely get rid of my actual books. I'll still read them even though I use Audible during the day when it's easier. I accept I'm in a time of life where it's easier to listen to books especially during the day when I'm wanting to hangout with my little guy. 

I remember struggling with the decision to listen to more audio books rather than reading them. My mom kept telling me, "You need to do what fits into your life now." She was right. I kept reminding myself of that fact. Soon enough, I lost the thought of I'm not really reading, and I looked forward to picking up my phone to listen to the next chapter.

Have you ever listened to an audio book? What are your thoughts?

Little Pink Book

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

14 & 17 Weeks - Baby #2

How far along are you? 17 Weeks and 4 days! I feel like this pregnancy has flown by. I can't believe in less than 3 weeks, I'll be halfway through it. Crazy!

Cravings: Peanut butter, apples, oatmeal, chocolate and smoothies. Pizza is another craving, but I haven't had it lately.

Reactions: I noticed a stranger looking at my stomach the other day. There's no way I'm hiding this at all, but I don't think have been for a long time. ;)

Favorite Moment this Week: I was sitting down and Liam came up to me and pointed to my stomach and said baby! It's still surreal to think he will be a brother soon! It will be me and my boys this March. :)

General Mood: Tired... I'm pretty much always tired. I'm trying to workout more even if it's nothing too exciting, because it makes me feel better.

Things I was surprised by: I'm feeling the baby more. Everyday, I feel him move. I feel flutters. It's nothing too obvious yet. I thought I would go to my doctor for every appointment like I did this time, but I haven't been. I've been switching it up each time, because it's a gamble who I'll get for the birth. I didn't do this last time, and I had only seen the doctor who had delivered me once.

Things I'm most looking forward to: I'm can't wait to see how Liam reacts to the new baby. I think he'll be completely mesmerized. Every time we see a baby, he points them out and has to look at them. It's super cute.

 I keep thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm really excited for both. I can't wait to do all the holiday things and be further along. Also, the Gilmore Girls revival comes out in November after Thanksgiving.

 Sleep: Sleep is going a little bit better than last time. I can sleep on my side if I want to. Last time, I would get muscle cramps when I attempted to lay on my side. They hurt horribly so I never slept that way. I also sleep propped up with three king sized pillows in bed. I've been doing that since week 8, and I'm taking a break from it now since I was getting sick of it. My back doesn't hurt yet. I was reading back through my old posts with Liam, and it already hurt at 17 weeks. I'm glad I'm experiencing something different this time around.

Weight Gain: Only 3 pounds! I'm gaining weight a lot slower this time around even if it doesn't look like it. ;)

What I think is cool and amazing: I'm just thankful and in awe my body can grow a human. What a crazy thing. Ha

Food aversions: None. I don't think I've ever really had one.

Maternity Clothes: Yes, I've been wearing them since 8 weeks like last time. I have all my shirts, dresses and pants in my closet now. It's nice having it all set up.

Exercises: Lunges are my favorite right now. I know I need to start doing squats...

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