Thursday, September 15, 2016

Baby Number 2!!

I haven't announced my pregnancy on my blog yet, but baby number 2 is coming this March!! We found out the gender last week when we did our gender reveal party at the farm. I've thought pretty much all along I was having a boy, and it was funny to realize most of my family thought I was having a girl!

I was still shocked to see the blue frosting in the cake. It's so dramatic cutting into the cake and finding out if you're expecting a boy or girl. I'm so glad we found out the same way with Liam. Unlike the first time, we don't have the name yet. I have a couple I like, but I don't want to get attached to anything before I know Bill really likes the same name. Ha I'm betting it will take us several months to figure it out.

 We had everyone guess what they though the gender was. There were a couple of people who didn't guess. Ha!

 The anticipation is the best part of reveal parties!

 Happy he has a baby brother on the way!

Liam has no idea he will have a brother next year! I'm so excited he'll have a brother and lifelong best friend.

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