Thursday, August 18, 2016

Life Lately: Random Thoughts

The last week we've been pretty busy. Last Saturday, I went with my sister-in-laws, Tracie and Katie, to our future sister-in-law's, Taylor's, bachelorette party in Lake Geneva! We had a fun time hanging out on a pontoon boat for the afternoon, swimming in the lake and dinner later in the afternoon at Popeye's. Apparently, everyone who has been to Lake Geneva has been to Popeye's. Both my mom and dad knew what I was talking about when I mentioned I ate there.

When I got home at 7pm, I raced over to my mom's house to go to my 10-year high school reunion in Maple Park. I knew other people were taking their kids so I brought Liam, and I actually had a good time. It was awesome seeing the friends I had in high school and having them meet Liam. Bill was still at the bachelor party for his brother, Tom, so he wasn't able to come to it.

Sunday: We went to the Tractor Show. Liam loved playing on Bill's tractor we had there. I just love his little smile in the picture above. We had fun walking around besides a small mishap when we went to ride on the little kiddie train. Our train car fell off the track. Thank God, we weren't hurt aside from some big bruises.

Liam loved looking at the farm animals there. The little chicks were his favorite. The little shoes he's wearing in this picture were way too tight on him on Sunday. I can't believe he already outgrew them. I got them in June!

Liam loved the wagon ride. He kept pointing to all the people and looking for the tractors.

This is the most coordinated outfit I've ever dressed him in!

Earlier this week, we went out for breakfast with Nana and Papa, Lanie and Dustin. Liam was in heaven with his cousins, and he loved the breakfast food.

Liam with his twin cousins. :)

This little video cracks me up. Liam learned he could spray everybody with hose, and he was so amused by people's reactions. Such a cutie. The twins thought it was pretty funny too.

 A few fun pictures from yesterday when we played with some chalk. Somehow Liam got a mustache and a goatee in the process. Haha

Little Pink Book

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