Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fun at the zoo!


On Tuesday, we went with our friends to a little zoo. I picked the spot for this play date, and I'm so glad I did. Liam loved the animals and his friends seemed to like them too! Liam saw the golf club in the trunk of our car, and he HAD to have it! Of course... ;)


I was really impressed he wasn't afraid of any of the animals. He wanted to visit all of them. 

Hanging out with one of his friends! 


He can say cow now. 

He's been developing his own sense of style lately. He put this golf club in his pocket at the zoo. Also, this week he has refused the outfit I picked out for him, and he went back and picked out a different one. Haha I can't believe he already has opinions on his clothes!


The silkie chickens were so cute. I really miss having them at our house.

Little cutie.


They have a playground right next to the zoo. We always go there afterwards.

I got Liam a quick meal at Steak n Shake afterwards. He was starving since he barely ate anything while we're at the zoo.


Bill and I went on a date to see Florence Foster Jenkins at the movies. We both loved the movie! It was honestly the perfect movie for us to see together. We went to Pita BBQ before the movie. It was an amazing day for sure!

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Jenna said...

Awww! This sounds like such a fun day! :) Your Little Liam is just adorable!

Also, I really want to see that movie! I'm glad to hear it was so good...sounds like it will live up to its hype for me!