Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Auntie Meg is BACK!

AUNTIE MEG IS BACK!! Meg got back from Hawaii late last week, and Liam has been obsessed with her from the beginning. They started playing together right away and laughing all the time. It's adorable!
I believe Liam is trying to bite the air in this picture. His new *thing.*

We picked up contact solution at Cosco and had lunch there. Liam actually ate the pizza! Yeah for adult food!


More cuteness.

I love how they have this special bond. You would have thought Meg never left for a few months. Liam was wanting her to hold him and wouldn't let her put him down.

AND... One of me with Liam. He still likes me... Kinda. ;)

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Jenna said...

Oh my gosh, Natalie! You have a little boy now? He is just adorable! How old is he?