Monday, July 25, 2016

Happy Birthday, Bill!

We celebrated Bill's birthday on his actual birthday on Monday!!
A Duck Tales shirt from his sister, Katie.

Liam actually ate half of this cupcake. Not just the icing!

We also celebrated the twin's second birthday which is the day before Bill's birthday. Happy Birthday little guys!

Of course, he opened presents too! He got lots of clothes, shoes, stuff from Crate and Barrel (he loved his butter dish!) and chocolate from the confectionery.
Doesn't he look cute with silly Duck Tales hat? None of the kids would wear the birthday party hats! Ha
A Moscow Mule cup!

Us on his birthday. :)

We showed my mom our chickens we recently brought back to our house. They're doing well. My mom was surprised by how colorful some of them are. We are kind of proud of them too. :)

I made this birthday card for Bill and wrote a note from Liam on it... It says:

Reasons why I love you from Liam...

1. You let me watch your video games.
2. You read me funny/fun books.
3. You drive me around on the four wheeler.
4. You make me eggs.
5. You gave me chickens to play with.

Happy Birthday, Bill! You are the best husband and dad. I love how you are silly and love to goof around. I couldn't picture this life without you. I hope you had the best birthday. Love, me.

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