Friday, July 29, 2016

Everyday Liam

Oh Liam! You're growing up so fast. You're running, talking more and playing with your toys independently. Each day, you seem to grow up just a little bit more. Tonight, you showed Mimi your nighttime ritual. You grab a few books and sit on your futon by the lamp in the corner. You love looking through your books and deciphering the different stories. Mimi was asking you questions about different things, and you kind of blew us away when you responded with, "I don't know." It was crystal clear, and we couldn't help but stare at each other in disbelief. We've only heard you say one other sentence, "What is it?" I love how you must really be paying attention to us when we talk to you.

This week, you all the sudden are extremely content playing with your trains by yourself. You're trying to connect them together on the ground even though they're not the connecting type. We need to get the ones that actually go together. When I'm finishing up work, you aren't climbing in the computer desk anymore! So proud of you. Haha But, I truly am happy about it.

When we go to the grocery store, I find myself talking to you throughout the whole trip. You're my little buddy and my everything. I love you so much. This older man said hi to you today, and at first, you acted shy. You warmed up a bit to tell him about your shoes though. It was adorable.

Another thing I couldn't get enough of this week? Let me tell you. We have been trying to get you to like swimming in the pool this summer without much luck. The other day, your Nana brought you into the pool and gave you the hose to amuse you. You had the best time spraying everyone with the hose! You couldn't stop giggling and laughing your head off when you would get one of the kids good with the hose. It was hilarious!

Thanks for making our summer a fun one!!

Little Pink Book

Monday, July 25, 2016

Happy Birthday, Bill!

We celebrated Bill's birthday on his actual birthday on Monday!!
A Duck Tales shirt from his sister, Katie.

Liam actually ate half of this cupcake. Not just the icing!

We also celebrated the twin's second birthday which is the day before Bill's birthday. Happy Birthday little guys!

Of course, he opened presents too! He got lots of clothes, shoes, stuff from Crate and Barrel (he loved his butter dish!) and chocolate from the confectionery.
Doesn't he look cute with silly Duck Tales hat? None of the kids would wear the birthday party hats! Ha
A Moscow Mule cup!

Us on his birthday. :)

We showed my mom our chickens we recently brought back to our house. They're doing well. My mom was surprised by how colorful some of them are. We are kind of proud of them too. :)

I made this birthday card for Bill and wrote a note from Liam on it... It says:

Reasons why I love you from Liam...

1. You let me watch your video games.
2. You read me funny/fun books.
3. You drive me around on the four wheeler.
4. You make me eggs.
5. You gave me chickens to play with.

Happy Birthday, Bill! You are the best husband and dad. I love how you are silly and love to goof around. I couldn't picture this life without you. I hope you had the best birthday. Love, me.

Little Pink Book

Monday, July 4, 2016

Summer Goodness

This summer is turning out to be a great one. There's a good mix of all different kinds of events including: play dates, real dates, trips to the movie theater, picnics, bachelorette parties, weddings (!), marathon TV watching sessions, reading for hours, swimming too many times to count, family dinners and random gatherings. Plus, my sister Megan will be home next month, and she'll be able to enjoy all these things with us! Yay!

Yesterday, my mom, Bill, Liam and I went to the fireworks five minutes from our house, and it made me think about how lucky I am to have the family I have. I feel super blessed. My mom brought an assortment of snacks including hummus, pretzels, flavored tootsie rolls and other candy, lemonade and cookies. I had more of the same, and it made for a great party. Liam loved watching all the kids, and he kept running away from us to go watch the older kids play kickball.

It was fun to watch him excitedly waddle off and stare at the other kids. He wanted so badly to join in the fun. Unfortunately, his cousins were sitting pretty far away from us. :(

Once the fireworks started, Liam kept his orange headphones on for a little bit. I held him for a little bit. Then Bill held him, and then he walked over to my mom and she held him too. I think he liked the fireworks for a few minutes, but he became stir crazy towards the end.

We packed up our things after the finale, and I was walking with Liam. Sometimes, I like to whisper stupid fun things to him. This time, I said, "You're just a baby." Normally, he doesn't really react to what I say. He's busy looking off at his surroundings, but this time, he laughed right after I told him he was a baby. I can't tell you how fun it is to have him laugh at something silly I said. He's growing up. 

This summer is bound to be the best we've experienced in a while. ;) How's your summer going?

Little Pink Book

Trip to the Confectionary

I've been to the confectionery with Liam at most three times to pick up gifts for different holidays. Two of the three times, Liam will grab a sucker right as we walk in the door. It's kind of the cutest thing to watch him think about what sucker he wants and pluck it out of the display. I can't help but smile and let him have the sucker he wants.

He gets so happy and wants the wrapper off right away. Haha I know he's going to get messy and sticky, but I love having him be happy with such a little thing like as a sucker. :)

Little Pink Book