Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Taking Stock

Feeling: Happy. We are loving the summer weather we have been having. Liam loves being outside and playing in the water table in our backyard and picking up all the rocks he can find.

Planning: My to-do list for the week. I feel like I accomplish things a lot quicker with a complete list. I love crossing off items on the list.

Decorating: I've been doing yard work here and there. I have four new knockout rose bushes, a lavender plant, new ornamental grass and a few annuals that love the shade.

Drinking: Fruit infused water! Cantaloupe and watermelon infused water are my favorite.

Shopping: I went shopping yesterday with Liam at Meijer and Lowe's. Nothing too fun. I'm feeling super good about the baby proofing items I have installed in our house now. :)

Procrastinating: Nothing at the moment!

Brainstorming: I'm brainstorming ways to organize my room and the basement. I love Pinterest for all the organizing ideas.

Enjoying: I'm enjoying the warm weather, hanging out with Liam and Bill, planning fun things to do this summer, reading Game of Thrones and figuring out ways to redecorate around the house.

Wishing: Not really wishing for anything now. Although, I'm wanting to plan a fun Wisconsin trip this summer.

Lusting: Lusting over some essential oils. Bill would tell you there not essential though. Haha

Worrying: Not worrying at the moment.

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