Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was by far the craziest weekend packed full of parties and other family reunion type things. We had a great time with everyone! But, we were exhausted. Ha! We started off the Memorial Day weekend with a calm and boring Friday night where we caught up on cleaning and watching our TV shows. We tossed around the idea of heading up to Wisconsin for Saturday night and ended up booking our hotel Saturday morning.

(More after the collage. :P )

I love random quick trips to Wisconsin. Love them. Liam did pretty good for the 2 hour ride up to Wisconsin and even took a quick nap towards the end of the trip. It was our first time spending a night in a hotel with Liam by ourselves. I unplugged all the phones in our room and protected Liam from all the exposed outlets. It wasn't an easy job. Why do kids love outlets? It's so scary.

We had a free happy hour and free breakfast at our hotel. Such a bonus! We also swam in the pool a couple of times. Bill woke up early Sunday morning to his favorite flea market while Liam and I slept in and then went down to the pool for a bit. Liam doesn't know what to do in the water. He is so chill, and for a few minutes, he's calm. It's kind of amazing and adorable.

After our brief Wisconsin trip, we came home for two birthday parties and a graduation party! We also had breakfast with my dad on Memorial Day at our favorite breakfast place. We found out Bill's brother and our soon-to-be sister-in-law saved our chickens while we were gone. Our ten baby chickens were outside in the rain to escape the older chicken who was trying to peck them to death. They were completely soaked, and apparently, they looked dead. Fortunately, they were completely revived in the morning after a night under their heat lamp. Thank God!

I don't think we've had such a fun and busy weekend ever. How was your Memorial Day Weekend?

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