Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Life Lately

Another week or two has gone by, and I'm dying to share my favorite pictures and memories. We've been having warm days and then cold days. I can't wait for summer to be here. We've been wanting to get outside more often, because we're all happier when we get outside time.

We've been playing outside with cousins, and I think it's pretty adorable when they are all playing together. Liam loves when Bill pushes him in the baby car. He smiles it the same way each time. haha

A few days ago we went to Dustin's birthday party, and Liam was up and down the slides. He was happy to explore the jungle gym set, and I he got a huge bruise on his forehead where he got one a week ago. I was feeling lucky there was no black eye. Thank God.

Cousins with the same shirt. :)

We have ten chickens in our basement. They are getting huge. Every few days, we notice how different they look.

Bill named this one Puffhead Fred. He loves sitting on the edge of his cage. We're trying to prevent him from escaping the warmth of his cage. Such a rebel.

My mom sent me this picture of Kittle and Tinker. They are best friends now. I love that Kitty has an animal friend at home now.

Bill will frequently ask me for pictures of Liam during the day. I snapped these two really quick.

This one is my favorite. I was just talking to him, and I got the biggest smile ever. :)

Love. Love.
We have a new rooster on the farm. He was a former house pet. I've never seen a blue/silver rooster.

We have regular skype sessions with Auntie Meg, and Liam loves talking to his Auntie. It's so fun to watch him recognize his Auntie.

Bill recorded the sweetest little video of him and Liam finding an arrowhead. I love Liam's baby talk and how they interact. Too cute for words!

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