Friday, May 6, 2016

Life Lately

Last weekend, Meg went back to Hawaii. :( I'm happy for her, but I'll miss her for sure! See you in August, Meg!

OK, this is a random pic from Instagram, but I put it on here because I love movies. I want to watch a few of them like First Wives Club, Parent Trap and Clueless. What movies are classic to you?

I need a selfie with Liam! Ha I can't wait till he starts looking up and posing for me again.

Liam loves this scooter. It's ones of the cutest things ever.

We went to Costco this week, and we definitely grabbed the quesadilla sample. Liam loved his sample.

We went out to eat that night, and Liam really enjoyed the noodles we had.

He found this toy downstairs. He looks so tired because he had just woken up.

I remember getting this little cow as a freebie at our favore fair. We even took some goofy pictures with it at the fair. Hahah

Liam loves tractors and was thrilled to get a ride from Papa!

Random selfie of us. :)

Today, the weather was AMAZING! It was in the 80's, and the warmth from the sun felt like summer. I stopped over at my mom's house and went for a walk with Liam and Kittle.

We made a stop at the park. He danced on the merry-go-round!
AND... He went down the big slide backwards all by himself! He's fearless!

Haha Poor Kittle. I had to take her leash off so Liam would stop walking her around the yard.

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