Friday, March 11, 2016

In the mood for spring

We've been enjoying trips to the park during this warm weather!

Meg has been bringing Kittle with, and she loves it.

Such a sweet pup after all these years. March is her birthday month, and she turned 10!

Dusty came with on Friday night. Liam couldn't have been happier.

The weather was perfect for March. I feel really fortunate to have some spring weather.

My little buddy loves the swing.

Lee didn't have time for the picture. He needed to play!

These two had Mac and Cheese for dinner! They both loved it.

The next day, we had even more outside time. After Liam's nap, he pointed outside. He had to go outside again. It was so cute. 

We have been having warm weather lately. I feel like we are actually getting spring weather, and technically, it's not even spring till next week! It's been in the high 50's with a lot of sun. What could be better for March?

We've been making plenty of trips to the park to take advantage of the nice weather. We couldn't be more excited. Some things I'm excited for once we're fully into spring weather include: packing a pick-nick basket for fun lunch at the park or our backyard, relaxing outside with a book, playing with Liam at the playground, roasting marshmallows for s'mores at the farm, long walks while pushing the stroller, making lemonade in the afternoon just because, writing long posts like these to record all the fun memories, grilling out meals, gardening, mowing (Not joking. I love mowing!), swimming, more vitamin D and all the other wonderful things that usually accompany warmer weather.

Until then, I will be taking advantage of every opportunity to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather we get! Who's with me?

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