Thursday, March 3, 2016

Family Date Night

Last night, our plans changed, and we decided to go on a family date night! We had tacos at our favorite little Mexican restaurant. Liam loved it!

My plate!

Bill and I both agreed the salsa and chips are the best. We haven't had better anywhere else!

We stopped at Target after dinner. Bill was looking through the dollar section and found the cutest little baby fedora for Liam. He actually kept it on! Is it just me or does he seem to like it?! I can't wait for Easter. We are going to get so many pictures of us all dressed up. 


I haven't been to Target for a couple of weeks. That's not normal for me, but I think it's becoming normal since I'm wanting to save more. Lol

We walked by the DVDs and saw the Good Dinosaur. Has anyone seen this? I can't tell if I think it would be good or not.

Ahhhh The Easter books looked adorable.

Halfway through our Target trip and Liam still had his hat on!

I found Bill in the video game section.

Intently researching something on his phone.

Isn't the Bullseye dog cute?? 

The cutest baby with a fedora. ;)

We were about to leave, and I spotted this... I couldn't help but laugh!


What I picked up at Target...

Sometimes family date nights are the best. Liam fell asleep on the way home after we picked up ice cream. Bill and I stayed up and played a video game together. He picked one out that he thought we would like playing together. How sweet.

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