Friday, March 11, 2016

In the mood for spring

We've been enjoying trips to the park during this warm weather!

Meg has been bringing Kittle with, and she loves it.

Such a sweet pup after all these years. March is her birthday month, and she turned 10!

Dusty came with on Friday night. Liam couldn't have been happier.

The weather was perfect for March. I feel really fortunate to have some spring weather.

My little buddy loves the swing.

Lee didn't have time for the picture. He needed to play!

These two had Mac and Cheese for dinner! They both loved it.

The next day, we had even more outside time. After Liam's nap, he pointed outside. He had to go outside again. It was so cute. 

We have been having warm weather lately. I feel like we are actually getting spring weather, and technically, it's not even spring till next week! It's been in the high 50's with a lot of sun. What could be better for March?

We've been making plenty of trips to the park to take advantage of the nice weather. We couldn't be more excited. Some things I'm excited for once we're fully into spring weather include: packing a pick-nick basket for fun lunch at the park or our backyard, relaxing outside with a book, playing with Liam at the playground, roasting marshmallows for s'mores at the farm, long walks while pushing the stroller, making lemonade in the afternoon just because, writing long posts like these to record all the fun memories, grilling out meals, gardening, mowing (Not joking. I love mowing!), swimming, more vitamin D and all the other wonderful things that usually accompany warmer weather.

Until then, I will be taking advantage of every opportunity to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather we get! Who's with me?

Little Pink Book

Life Lately

Tomorrow is March! Where has the time gone?! I feel like it should still be January. I'm not complaining though. I love that we are moving closer and closer to SPRING!!!

Love this photo of my mom's cat hiding out in her kitchen drawer.

My sister sent me this video of Kittle snoring, and I've watched it just a few times. Ha I love our family dog so much.

We went to a play group the other week and Liam loved the tractor. He plays with a couple of tractors at home too.

We went to the mall to look for new clothes, and I didn't buy one thing, but I had a great time walking around and eating at the Cheesecake Factory together. They have the cutest Easter display where you can take pictures with the Easter bunny. I want to go back soon so Liam can get his picture taken with the Easter bunny.

Nordstrom's had the Cupcakes and Cashmere line! I have followed Emily's blog for years, and I was excited to see the clothes she designed. So cool.

My dad came over a bit to visit with Liam.

He loves being outside! We cannot wait for warmer weather.

Taking fun selfies while waiting for dad to come out of the thrift store.

Little Pink Book

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Two Days in a Row!

Aren't they the best?

I'm so proud of myself. I worked out two days in a row! I know this may not seem like much to some, but I'm proud of my commitment this week. I'm trying to lose 15 pounds this Spring. After having Liam 14 and 1/2 months ago, I lost the baby weight quick. I had him in the middle of December and by the beginning of February I was only 5 pounds away from my prepregnancy weight. I was thrilled!

I was so thrilled that I kind of stopped trying to lose anymore weight. I figured I was at an okay weight. I still think it was an "okay" weight, but now, I'm interested in losing the 15 extra pounds I had gained before getting pregnant.

I thought I would blog about my experience here so I always as a future reference... I could make this post a weekly habit to track my weight loss.

I'm excited to have it documented. Hopefully, this will help me stay motivated.

You might be wondering why I included a Sex and the City picture? I just love those women, and they're all fit. I'm incredibly inspired by it, and it makes me happy. Ha

A few things I've been doing to become healthier:

-Salads for lunch everyday (sometimes with chicken)
-2 Eggs for breakfast everyday
-Green Smoothie before or after dinner. ( A cup and half of pineapple, 1 banana, 1 handful of spinach, and a little water)
-Drink water throughout the day instead of snacking throughout the day
-A small handful of trail mix or an apple if I need a snack.
-a hot cup of water with ginger slices 
-Workout 3 times a week. Trying to stay consistent.

Little Pink Book

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Family Date Night

Last night, our plans changed, and we decided to go on a family date night! We had tacos at our favorite little Mexican restaurant. Liam loved it!

My plate!

Bill and I both agreed the salsa and chips are the best. We haven't had better anywhere else!

We stopped at Target after dinner. Bill was looking through the dollar section and found the cutest little baby fedora for Liam. He actually kept it on! Is it just me or does he seem to like it?! I can't wait for Easter. We are going to get so many pictures of us all dressed up. 


I haven't been to Target for a couple of weeks. That's not normal for me, but I think it's becoming normal since I'm wanting to save more. Lol

We walked by the DVDs and saw the Good Dinosaur. Has anyone seen this? I can't tell if I think it would be good or not.

Ahhhh The Easter books looked adorable.

Halfway through our Target trip and Liam still had his hat on!

I found Bill in the video game section.

Intently researching something on his phone.

Isn't the Bullseye dog cute?? 

The cutest baby with a fedora. ;)

We were about to leave, and I spotted this... I couldn't help but laugh!


What I picked up at Target...

Sometimes family date nights are the best. Liam fell asleep on the way home after we picked up ice cream. Bill and I stayed up and played a video game together. He picked one out that he thought we would like playing together. How sweet.