Sunday, February 28, 2016

ten things making me incredibly happy

One} The warmer days we've had in February, including this Sunday, have made this winter tolerable and somewhat enjoyable. The rest of next week is supposed to be colder, but I'm not thinking about it!
Two} Plans for a fun March. I can't talk more about this one, but it's going to be fun.
Three}Pineapple, Banana, Spinach smoothies. I feel incredibly energized when I have these everyday. Plus, think of all the nutrients you get from a spinach smoothie, and it tastes good!
Four}Dirty Dancing Havana Nights movie and soundtrack. This movie brings me back to Spring break during my Senior year of high school. I love the movie so much. It's truly one of my favorites.
Five}I saw my family twice this weekend, and I got to go out with my sister and my sister's friend on Friday. Bill got to go out too. It was a good weekend!
Six}Writing on my blog has put me in a good mood. I love documenting the happy moments. I LOVE looking back on happy moments. They get me through anything difficult. Even if I'm not going through any hard, I enjoy having the opportunity to go back in time on my blog.
Seven}Baking Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies. I love putting coconut oil and flax seed in them to make them more "healthy."
Eight}Love is in the air! I've been helping plan a bachelorette party, and I'm so excited for this spring and summer. It's going to be great!
Nine}The chance to escape in a good book. I listened to Storm of Swords on Audible today. Those books are amazingly good.
Ten}Fuller House on Netflix. I feel like everyone is watching this right now. I've watched about ten minutes of it so far. I've had work and other things to take care of, but I'm looking forward to watching it.
Bonus Eleven} Kittle has been sweet per usual lately. I love that I've taken a couple of selfies with her in the past couple of days.

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