Saturday, February 27, 2016

Life Lately

I'm blogging about last weekend when we are about to start this weekend! Oops! Anyway, let's hurry up so I'm on time next week. Ha 

Meg came over with Kitlle for a walk in the woods the other day!

Kitlle gave Lee a kiss, and later that night, Lee gave Kittle a kiss. I love tat Liam loves my childhood dog. :)


We went to Brookfield Zoo on Saturday when it was almost 60 degrees! 

We had the best time. We brought two of Liam's cousins with too. He loved being around his cousins.

The sun felt so warm!

🌷 Chillin in his stroller.
We spotted the giraffes from afar.

Bill loved this part. Haha

He's a big fan of the Dinos.

And the Okis. Where do I start? They look like a cross between a zebra and a horse. Ha 

I love this polar bear!

Cousins. 🌺

Such a beautiful sunny day to be out walking around at the zoo. 

Liam wore his baby Merrels from his Gramps.

Can you believe how warm it looks on a Saturday in February?! 

My favorite part with the fish and the penguins!

Loved these spiky fish.

And the award for the oddest looking fish goes to this guy...

How crazy is his face?? I kind of love it.

I wish we had a fish tank if it wasn't so much work.

Watching the buffalo!


Running around having the best time!

I watched the newest episode of Superstore. I love this show, but I wasn't a fan of this latest episode.

We took an impromptu ride in the tractor with Bill when he was spreading gravel on our driveway.

We're about to have another spring like weekend! I can't wait.

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