Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fun in the snow!

Bill started off the day by making Dutch babies!

Looks amazing.

We went to the park yesterday. It was bright and sunny out, and we wanted a chance to play in the snow before it melts this weekend.

Kitty came with too!

Liam loved playing and walking in the snow. He did so well.

Auntie Meg helping Liam up.

Kitty enjoying the chance to run around on the trail.


Blinded by the sun... :(

{Press Play}

Walking on our favorite trail.

What a cutie!

Winter can be beautiful too.

Liam loved swinging in the swing. It was adorable to watch. Last summer, he was too little to enjoy the playgrounds we went too, but this year will be completely different!

{Press Play}

Lil cutie having fun.

We had a blast at the park! The sunshine and fresh air is the best. It was exactly what we needed to cure our cabin fever. :)

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