Sunday, January 10, 2016

We touched a stingray!

We visited the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center today! What a sweet place! I loved going with everyone. First things first... We were able to pet a stingray. 

They are slimy thick creatures! I never thought I would get a chance to touch one. Such a fun experience. Liam was pretty entertained. It was nice that he could bend down and see the stingrays in the water.

Slimy and cute. 
Liam ran around and burned off a lot of energy while we were there.

They had a boat set up for kids where they could go fishing. ADORABLE.

Liam steering the boat!

See what I mean about Bill's cooperation with pictures?

The struggle is real.

We touched the hermit crabs. I apparently didn't read the rules. I picked up a hermit crab, but I wasn't supposed to take it out of the water. They need to breathe too. Ha

All smiles. He loves splashing and playing in the water.

Have you heard of a Horseshoe crab? I've never seen one, but they had them there too. The one next to Liam is pretty little. The guide told us they can get really big. Bill and Lori saw one when they were in Biloxi. 

Liam putting together a puzzle. Or picking up the puzzle pieces and playing with them. You decide.

The little girl's mom asked me how old Liam was, and she was surprised he was only 13 months because of his size. Her girl was 20 months.

I'm not sure what type of sharks they had, but I know they are bottom feeders. 

I sent my sister this picture and tried to trick. I didn't think she would believe me about what I said. I can't repeat it here on my blog. You know, I can't give everything away. Haha I was dying of laughter when she texted me back and believed me. Too good to be true.

I even sent a picture of the convo to my brother who was also impressed. Turns out, I just need to over a thousand miles from home where she can't hear my voice or see my expression. I'm never letting this go. EVER. 

I'm usually the gullible one who gets tricked every time. It feels really good to be on the other side of the joke for once.

I didn't have much hope for a good picture.
But... Look it here! I actually snapped a good one of us. Thank you, P. It took 10 tries. Haha
We couldn't believe how big these Sharks were, and they are purple! Who would have thought?!

I don't care if they are bottom feeders or not... I would be scared out of my mind if I fell in there with them. A shark is a shark. Am I right??

We also saw a beautiful turtle.

I would love if Illinois had palm trees.  To me, they are the most beautiful trees. They mean you are close to all things good. 

The ocean, the beach, the waves that send me flying, Publix, the floaties outside of Publix, the bakery section at Publix, grilled bacon wrapped shrimp dinner from Dolphin Bar, seeing your son love the beach, walks on the beach, hanging out with your family on the beach, and being in Florida are some of my absolute favorite things.

Bill and I went on a nature walk, and Liam was all excited when I came back. Love him!

What a cute stingray!
Walking with dadda.
I picked up a seahorse at the gift shop for Liam. He loved it!
We ate at Flannigans for lunch.

I had the salmon sandwich. 
Bill had the dolphin sandwich.
We ran to the beach when we got home. Bill stayed in the condo with Liam while he napped.

The waves were high when we were out. 

We would get as close as we could to the waves before running for shore. 

This has to be one of my favorite games. Needless to say, we got slammed several times. I'll never get sick of it. I told my sister we were enjoying getting hit by the waves. She couldn't believe nothing has changed since we were kids. Ha

I guess Bill was watching us from the condo, and he saw Bill senior get hit by the biggest wave. He had his back turned away from the ocean while he was picking up his fishing gear. He told us later he has never been so shocked. Poor guy had no idea it was coming. 

I'm so sad this is blurry... Liam was completely content to play with the water bottles and the buckets Nana and Papa picked up.

We've been having an amazing time in Florida. I hate to see it come to an end, but I need to remember to be thankful for the time we've had.

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